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dilraj yomama

on 10 December 2009

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Transcript of menu

the dlpkl spicy chicken breasts herb and spices breaded onto a premium
fillet of chicken breast delivering ultimate flavour delectible prawns swimming in a quick but flavourful sauce
mixed with greens and leaves main courses breakfast breakfast burrito apple bread soft and succulant bread made with real apples burrito with eggs and back bacon breakfast pizza flakey crust with egg and pork sausage beef and black bean chili with toasted cumin crema and avocado relish cooked black beans in a creamy sauce of cumin and beef with avocado relish sage roasted turkey breast with POM butter and manchego cheese turkey breast basted and sauted in pomegranate juice added together with manchego cheese to perfection beverages super cola sugar free, calorie free, caffeine free cola 1.50 5.99 3.75 4.00 2.10 1.99 lemon lime pineapple colada fresh squeezed lime and lemon
with pineapple
.50 rasberry and apple mix rasberry and apple fresh squeezed with a pint of cinnamon 1.00 hot white chocolate milk vanilla with creamy millk and whipped cream 2.00 main courses breakfast side dishes original side salad with light dressin
(optional) garden salad chicken breast salad fresh spinach and cold cut chicken breast on a tangy sauce
(optional) sweet and spicy indian salad crisp vegeis and sweet and spicy sauce
(optional) desserts pecan pie delicious homestyle pecan pie on whole grain shell pudding awesome pudding thats healthy for you cheese cake with blueberry and rasberry sauce healthy cheese cake with a sauce of blueberry and rasberry apple CRUNCH crispy oats on a
plate of baked apples contact info: 604-the-pkls located in the milky way owned by dilraj atwal email: yomama_pkl@thedlpkl.ca

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