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Temperate Rainforests

project by Ali, Brandon, and Mike

Ali Shubbar

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of Temperate Rainforests

The Temperate Rainforest By Ali, Brandon, and Mike The Temperate Rainforest is divided into 3 parts, the Canopy, the Understory, and the Forest floor. At the Forest Floor we find the the darkest part of the forest. this is where we find most of the mosses, lichens, grasses, and fungi. The Temperate Rainforest is located in temperate weather zones in places like the northwestern coast of North America, Southern Chile, New Zealand, and small paces in South Central Asia. Temperate Rainforests receive an average of 200-350 cm of precipitation a year. Some of which even comes down as snow at higher altitudes. Temperate Rainforests change with the seasons; In the summer the temperature can reach as high as 80 degrees Fahrenheit and it can reach near freezing in the winter. The Temperate Rainforest has less diversity than Tropical Rainforests, however, there are still a variety of different organisms living within it's woods. The floor of the Temperate Rainforest is littered with decomposing matter. This causes the soil to be rich with nutrients which allow the large trees to grow. The trees can reach 250 feet tall, 15 feet wide, and can live for an extremely long duration. Nearly all animals in a Temperate live on or near the ground. This is drastically different from a Tropical Rainforest, in which the animals may never touch the forest floor. The large trees in Temperate Rainforests make them a constant victim to deforestation today, diminishing the overall size of Temperate Rainforest daily. Annually Temperate Rainforests lose a forest the size of Costa Rica. The Canopy is the tallest part of the Temperate rainforest and is dominated by massive coniferous trees The Understory is next and filled with shade loving, Ferns Shrubs and Short trees.
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