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Webinar: Salesforce External Object integration using Lightning Connect with OData

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Sumit Sarkar

on 22 February 2016

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Transcript of Webinar: Salesforce External Object integration using Lightning Connect with OData

Salesforce External Object Integration with on-premise data sources | Lightning Connect
On Premise Connector
Not On Premise
Standards Based ODBC, JDBC, OData
Unique Connector ID established on installation of connector
Connector ID configured in DataDirect Cloud service data source routing to On-Premise Connector
Generally Available
Odata sources in DataDirect Cloud
Secure and Firewall Friendly


Visit www.datadirectcloud.com to get started
Or make the UI completely transparent to users with the DataDirect Cloud Management REST API
What is Lightning Connect?
Use cases for Lightning Connect "out-of-box" with DataDirect Cloud via OData
ERP integration (Oracle EBS, JDEdwards, QAD, Sage, Epicor, etc)
From the Salesforce Platform Winter 15 release notes:

"Access External Data with Salesforce1 Lightning Connect. Lightning Connect enables your users to view and search records that are stored outside Salesforce, such as data in an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. Instead of copying the data into Salesforce, which would be redundant and inefficient, use external objects to reference the data and access the data in real time via Web service callouts."

Unlimited Potential
for the Platform:
Lookup relationships
Record feeds
Salesforce1 app
SOSL queries
SOQL queries
Salesforce APIs
Deployment via Metadata API
Change sets
Self Service for Salesforce Admins
Data Warehouse access (Redshift, Hadoop ecosystems, Greenplum, etc)
Cross Salesforce org integration
Modern/mobile front for legacy systems of record
"We connect the world’s applications to the world’s data using industry standards"

20+ years experience
100,000+ of end users
250+ ISV’s
200 team members
* IBM DB2 includes DB2 on z/OS (Mainframe); DB2 on iSeries; and DB2 on Linux/Unix/Windows
* Hadoop support includes Cloudera, HortonWorks, Map/R, Amazon EMR, Apache
Use Case: Intuit
Not On Premise
On Premise
Build OData producer from Oracle
Need infrastructure for 10,000+ users
Secure firewall friendly connectivity
Keep systems running in parallel
Modernize user experience with legacy system

DataDirect Cloud
Marketing data in Marketo, Eloqua, Hubspot, Google Analytics, etc
Entitlement lookups for ServiceCloud
In other words ...
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