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Form Assembly 6X 2011-2012

Faith L

on 16 October 2011

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Transcript of Procrastination

the way live
no leader, no chief, no ruler you do not know
or the pick out things Lack a sense of URGENCY Matthew 25:13 store up food in summer
getting ready for winter

HOW long is the lazy man
going to lie in bed? Ever going to get up? a short
fold my hands
rest a while poverty attack like an armed Proverbs 6:6-11 Be on your GUARD Procrastinate tomorrow TV first then homework WE want to do PRIORITIZE OVER
NEED to do facebook / TV Homework Revision Family disproportionate UNnecessary
things first little time NEED to do AFFORD to push till later can bank on
receiving ...completely drained too late! inspiration the LAST minute the NEXT day Bible: "I'll do it tomorrow." A time for everything Rewards don't set priorities straight & follow Disregard cosequences
of pushing things
until LATER of not having to deal
with them now WORTH IT not worth it suffer big snowball Doesn't make sense. Matthew 25:13 5 foolish & 5 wise
bridesmaids Missed opportunity
to go to the banquet be vigilant
avoid sin never know when

would come Judgement Day why God
gives us work His purpose grow time management God has his purpose
for giving us work. (1) recognize you are find source of
distraction take that source
AWAY (2) set a plan ahead accomodate
sudden deadlines plan
REASONABLY intervals & stages stick to schedule set it realistically reflect --> correct don't find EXCUSES DO the things
we SHOULD now LEAVE the things
we WANT TO do later accountable to ourselves to our
Heavenly Father Procrastinating Timetable Hymn 123
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