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Erza Scarlet

No description

couby cheng

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of Erza Scarlet

By: Couby Cheng Erza Scarlet History Appearance Personality Erza and Jellal Erza Joins Fairy Tail Lived in Rosemary Village where Kagura and Simon also lived
Became a prisoner of the Tower of Heavens to help build the tower
Befriended other children there: Jellal, Simon, Milliana, Sho, Wally, and an elderly mage, Rob
They planned to run away from the prison and succeeded, however Rob died to save them and Jellal got captured
Now everyone thinks Erza betrayed everyone so she could escape Normal Appearance Very strict
Criticizes everyone's mistakes which makes them apologize, scared that they will evoke her wrath
Because of this people avoid her because of her social awkwardness
Very calm and serious
Impatient, doesn't like people not answering her fast enough
Likes to make people do things her way
Scary but people depend on her
Takes pride in her guil
Can have a girly side to her
After Erza escapes from the Tower of Heavens, she finds Fairy Tail and joins the guild. The Master took her to a magic healer to replace her right eye with an artificial one. Erza met Jellal at the prison of the Tower of Heavens and they became good friends. Together with the other kids, they formulated a plan to escape. However they got caught and they took Erza to punish her. Jellal went to save her but he got captured instead. Battle Appearance Scarlet hair that goes down to her waist with two
strands going down to her chest Wearing an armor most of the time Blue skirt and black heel boots Large breasts and curvy body Artificial right eye Heart Kreuz Armor Can summon a one-handle sword. Heaven's Wheel Armor Allows Erza to fly for a short period of time
can summon up to 200 swords/weapons
used to battle multiple opponents Black Wing Armor Allows user to fly around for a short distance
Increases offensive power, can use any amount of weapons
can summon a single sword
can summon two axes
allows the user to use Moon Slash spell Flame Empress Armor Lowers the effects of flames by 50%
Allows user to manipulate fire
Allows user to summon a large flame sword
Allows user to use Flame Slash Spell The Giant's Armor Enhances the strength of the user
Allows user to summon an Evil Crushing Spear
When thrown, the spear has great momentum thanks to the armor Adamantine Armor Increases the users defense considerably
Allows user to fly for short distances
Allows user to summon two bladed shields
Allows user to use Adamantine Barrier Spell when shields are put together Purgatory Armor Allows user to summon a Giant Metal Spiked Mace Lightening Empress Armor Lowers the damage of lightening attacks
Allows user to manipulate lightening
Allows user to use Lightening Shield (powerful lightening shield), Lightening Beam (blue beam of lightening shot from the spear) and Lightening Cyclotron (user charges spear with electricity then shoots lightening beams)
Allows user to summon a Spear of lightening that has two spear heads Flight Armor Increases the users speed dramatically
Allows user to summon a pair of one handed swords and one handed knives
Allows user to use the Sonic Claws spell (user slashes opponent with high speed from every direction) Robe of Yuen Allows the armor to stretch without getting damaged
Allows user to summon a Bisento, a large Japanese polearm Morning Star Armor Allows user to unleash energy blasts by concentrating energy from both blades
Allows user to summon two one handed swords
Allows user to use Photon Slicer spell (using both weapons to fire an energy attack) Armadura Fairy Erza's strongest armor
Increases user's offensive powers
Charges both weapons with energy to blast opponents with green lightening
Allows user to summon two one-handed swords
Allows user to use the Fairy Piercing Sword spell (user charges one sword with energy and pierces it at the opponent) Sea Empress Armor Nullifies water attacks
Allows user to use water magic attacks
Allows user to summon a long crystal sword
Allows user to use the Water Slash spell ( user charges blade with water and sends a sickle-like mass of water towards the opponent) Seduction Armor Comes with sword for adornment
No offensive/defensive powers Fairy Tail Farewell Armor Contains a banner
Not used during battles Childhood Personality Always crying because she couldn't protect her friends
Feels uncomfortable when not wearing armor
Very mature
Even as a child she was very much feared by other guild members
Has a strong heart Erza keeps away from others and Gray finds it annoying how she ignores everyone so he asks her why she always wears an armor. Later on he finds her crying and learns about her past. Erza was chosen to participate in the S-class exam and she passed being the youngest Fairy Tail wizard to pass at the age of 15. Knowing that she is strong, Natsu challenges to fight her but she ignores him. She becomes closer to other guild members especially with Natsu and Gray, being the one who always telling them what to do and separating them from fights. Becomes well-known all around the world;known as Titania the Fairy Queen. Erza wants to protect her friends so she uses her powers for the first time and kills the guards. A few years later, Erza finds out that Jellal has been possessed by Zeref and fights him to help free him. 7 years later, after she defeated Jellal, she found him resurrected however he is no longer possessed and is the nice biy he once was and they work together to defeat Nirvana. 7 years after that, they meet again and they work together to bring Fairy Tail back to being the strongest guild in Fiore. Also, we now know that Jellal still has feelings for Erza but keeps them mutual because he doesn't think he deserves her.
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