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The Yanomami People: How and Why They Live in the Rainforest

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Joanna Konto

on 15 September 2013

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Transcript of The Yanomami People: How and Why They Live in the Rainforest

Why do the Yanomami live in the rainforest?
What do the Yanomami Eat?
The Yanomami people grow corn (maize) and other vegetables. they also grow tobacco and cotton which is needed to make hammocks, nets, containers and clothing. They gather fruits, nuts, seeds,grubs and honey and hunt monkeys, deer, tapirs, fowl, armadillos and fish.
The Yanomami people live in small, scattered, independent communities. They live in large, communal houses called yanos or shabonos. These are vine and leaf thatched houses surrounded by garden plots. The Yanomami relocate their villages when the soil wears out or it is too easy to be attacked.
The Yanomami people migrated and continue to live in the rainforest because the rainforest provides food and shelter in abundance. The Amazon rainforest provides peace, beauty and tranquility for the most isolated tribe in the Amazon- the Yanomami.
Author- Joanna Kontogiorgis
Information Gathered- Joanna Kontogiorgis & Hannah Oliver Sjahry
Images- Google
Presentation- Prezi
Tribe- Yanomami

Copyright 2013 JK,JK&JK PUBLISHING

Thank you for watching!
The Yanomami people are an Indian tribe that live in a France sized area of forest in Northern Brazil and Southern Venezuela. They are the most isolated tribe in the Amazon Rainforest. They speak the Xiriana language and their population is approximately 10,000 individuals.
The Yanomami People:
Where do the Yanomami Live?
How and Why They Live in the Rainforest
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