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[EN] B_I_2_NEW C_I_3_NEW

A programozás alapjai

My Logiscool

on 7 September 2017

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Transcript of [EN] B_I_2_NEW C_I_3_NEW

It was a pleasure working with you!

Everyone has secrets
Can you keep a secret?
What types of secrets do exist?
private secrets,
such as if someone picks their nose
Or if you are secretly in love with
someone <3

military secrets or state secrets,
on which whole countries are depending on
How do you know if your secrets are safe?
Ancient Egypt: hyeroglyphs (holy engraving)
- solved only in the 19th century
Trojan horse
- greek warriors were hiding in, that was how they defeated the city of Troy
Encoding, Cryptography
Caesar cipher
shifting the ABC (key: number of shifts)
open ABC: a b c d e f … u v w x y z
Code ABC: D E F G H I … X Y Z A B C
Morse code
A .-
b -...
c -.-.
d -..
e .
f ..-.
g --.
h ....
i ..
j .---
K -.-
L .-..
m --
n -.
o ---
p .--.
q --.-
r .-.
s ...
t -
u ..-
v ...-
w .--
x -..-
y -.--
z --..
Process of encoding
open text
encryption, encoding
Encrypted text
two types as follows:
- symmetric-key cryptography (sender and receiver knows the secret key
- open key cryptography (an open and a secret key)
Let us write our first encryption program!
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