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A Separate Peace

No description

Alem Sahbaz

on 15 April 2013

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Transcript of A Separate Peace

Sound Track / Movie Theme Setting Figurative Language Summary Figurative Language (cont.) Codependency vs. Individuality A Separate Peace Begins in 1958. Metaphor: "Perhaps the school wasn't as well kept up in those days; perhaps varnish, along with everything else, had gone to war." (Knowles 9). Gene Narrator
Visitation of School
After WWII
Come to Visit Tree
Finny decides they jump from tree.
Leper and Gene
Finny - Athlete - Relieved
Gene - Smart
Gene and Finny jump from tree.
Finny Gets Injured
Finny leaves school to recover.
Brinker Hadley accuses Gene
1943 - Wars Still On
Finny trains Gene
Leper "escaped"
Finny breaks second leg.
Finny..................................................... John Knowles GLEE - LEAN ON ME! Main Characters:

- Phineas / Finny
- Gene Forrester
- Brinker Hadley
- Leper Lepellier
- Dr. Stanpole Lucas Black (Phineas/Finny) Jake Gyllenhaal (Gene Forrester) Andrew Garfield (Brinker Hadley) Jim Parson (Leper Lepellier) George Clooney (Dr. Stanpole) Author returns to his memory of 1942-1943.
The Devon School, New England Academy. Devon School in New Hampshire. Boston (During Phineas injury when
Leper visits him before Army. Simile: "He began scrambling up the wooden pegs nailed to the side of the tree, his back muscles working like a panther's." (Knowles 16). Simile: "Very gradually, like one instrument after another being tentatively rehearsed, beacons of color began to pierce the sky." (Knowles 49). Personification: "The ocean looked dead too, dead gray waves hissing mordantly along the beach, which was gray and dead-looking itself." (Knowles 49). Metaphor: "Some day the Dean would probably live entirely encased in a house of glass and be happy as a sandpaper." (Knowles 12). Explanation To show emotion, explain how the character is really like. Explanation: How Finny climbed up the tree, and Finnys Physical Characteristics. Explanation: Great visual of ocean,
no waves, the ocean is dead looking. Explanation: Sunrise of a life,
Image to bring the book to life. Explanation: Image of the school,
Visual of War life. Gene and Finny rely on each other all the time because they are the closest friends at the Devon School. Gene was there for Finny when Finny got injured jumping off of the tree. Finny was there to train Gene for the Olympics. Creation of Inner Enemies In his mind, Gene thinks that Finny is trying to
sabotage his plan to being the best at academics. Gene wants to study while Finny wants him to come and watch a new member of the Society jump. Symbolism Tree - A giant tree about the river which Finny falls from.

The tree symbolizes carefree joy and the true friendship of Finny and Gene

And particularly the fear of boys growing into men.
The Devon School - Genes and Finny school has greatly changed.

Just like any other school, Devon symbolizes Peace. Tone A Separate Peace has a dark tone because of the back and forth feelings that Gene has about Finny. Good vs. Evil theme that makes up there friendship. Book Rating Alem - 4 Stars - Slow Lagging Paste but Interesting Bailey - 3 Stars - Descent Brett - 2 Stars - Slow, Uninteresting Paste. Charley - 3 Stars - Wouldn't recommend it because its a boring novel.
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