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The 3 R's of Volunteer Management

No description

Vera De Ferrari

on 4 September 2014

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Transcript of The 3 R's of Volunteer Management

Recruitment Retention Recognition
Supplement Staff
Community Outreach
Influence with grantors/funders The 3 R's of Volunteer Management Why are volunteers so
important to your organization? So you would like to start a volunteer program, but how does that work?
It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

3.Recognition Celebrate Volunteer Successes! 1.Methods for outreach.
2.Application/Sign Up
3.Job Descriptions
5.Interviews and Screening 1.Social Media

2.Enews/News Letter

3.Page on Website

4.Connecting with local partners

5.Volunteer-centric Websites

6. Summer staff: lifeguards/camp staff - high school requirements. 1.Tour of the Facility/Job Review

2. Interview

3.Ultimately are they a Good Fit?
1. Why do your volunteers stay with your particular organization?

2. Volunteer Engagement - how do you work to keep them interested?

3. Record Keeping - how do you report out or track your volunteers work? 1.Provide On-going Trainings including updates to
manuals/procedures for their positions.

2.Limit your “asks” of volunteers to what they agreed to.

3.Don't waste their time.

4.Be Communicative – remember good old fashion face time.

5.Be Flexible - long as it doesn't hurt your organization.

6.Invite Volunteers to organization/partner events.

7. Updates on Progress and Photos go a long way. 1.Keep usual contact info and include interests, and any skills this volunteer might be able to provide to your organization: gardening to marketing to photography to website design.

2.For grant/recognition keep
a. hours served by each volunteer
b. aggregate by positions
c. how many of your volunteers are currently active

3.You can do this initially through excel, but there are CRM’s that can do this too. For example, Hands On Connect, Volgistics, etc. Recognizing: Building good faith, appreciating your volunteers, and building stronger longer relationships

Recognition can include:
1.Thank You Cards or letters with hours of completion
2.Holiday Parties
3.Annual Events/Appreciations
4.Small Gifts
5.Nominate for Local Awards 1.Estimated dollar value of volunteer time for 2010 is $21.36 per hour*

2.According to the Corporation for National and Community Service:
a. 62.7 million Americans or 26.5% of the adult population gave time.
b. Just about 8.1 billion hours of volunteer service
c. worth nearly $173 billion

a. Strong relationships/connecting community
b. Diversity of opinions and personalities
c. Increased Stakeholder Engagement
d. Or extend mission 1. One Time Projects: great for everyone, usually
Need a way to sign up - VolunteerMatch, Email, Sign Up sheet
2. Skill Based Volunteering or Specific Volunteer Jobs
Need an Application to get a good idea of volunteers background. Volunteerism 101 On-going vs. One time Projects
Express Interest vs. Sign Up
Occurrence vs Recurrence
Slots vs Unique Volunteers Outreach might include: Getting to Know You....2 Ways to go.... Skill Based Volunteer Positions The catchy head banging reason volunteers want to be involved. Sometimes this is obvious, it is the compelling cause, or on
occasion you might have
to create a reason. Remember your “hook”... Ways to Increase Engagement! Record Keeping Recognition – this might be Retention Part 2 Are Volunteers worth it? Policies and Procedures How to Request Volunteer Support
Policies on Hiring/Terminating Volunteers
Guidelines for Professionalism for Both Staff/Volunteers
Perhaps training for staff on volunteers
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