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AOF Summer Internship v2

No description

Giuseppa Walsh

on 17 June 2016

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Transcript of AOF Summer Internship v2

AOF Summer Internship
I'll be working in the city
I'll be reporting to Mr. Rooney
I need to be there by 7:30 AM
How am I feeling?
Will I be trained?
Where are the bathrooms?
When's lunch?
When's my first paycheck?
How do I get the bus back to Jersey?
Where's the copying machine?
My goals
Finding out if this business thing is for me.
Make money
My typical day
Get Mr. Rooney his coffee.
Check emails and voicemails.
Read the audit program
Inquiries and analysis
Check in with mentor
Log hours
Write in my journal
My desk...lots of coffee
What I liked most about my job
Lots of free lunch
What I hated about my job
Not being able to wake up at noon.
Working hard
Making so many mistakes and having everyone notice
Recommendations for next year's Interns
Sign all my documents ahead of time
Plan accordingly
Find a job I will like
My clients and my tasks
1. At The City of NY I primarily moved permanent files so that the team would be ready for the Sept. Audit
2.At A&P I had to audit cash and accounts payable all on my own---terrifying!
3. At the MTA I had to perform tests of details for the employee benefit plan audi
Things I learned on my job
1. Arrive promptly and don't leave until you are dismissed.
2. Just because instant messenger is available, don't use it.
3. Only be absent for real emergencies
4. Don't leave until you are dismissed.
5. A balance sheet has to balance!
Photo 1st day of job and last day of job
Enjoy the ride!
My resume
I'm glad I did this internship because...
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