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ACA Update

Update on Health Care Reform

The Sylvia Group

on 7 September 2017

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Transcript of ACA Update

Warning: Affordable Care Act Ahead! Intro Large vs Small Plan Design ACS Staff Member Offering Insurance Navigating the Road Under Construction:
Proceed with Caution How did we get here? Two Organizations $165 Billion Taxes and fees on plans, drugs, individuals with high earnings, and medical devices Are you a Large Employer or a Small Employer? Allow for increase in private funding
Another entity eligible for grants
tax deductible contributions Next Steps Formulate by-laws for new partnership An Update on Health Care Reform Conduct fundraising campaign What Is Changing Access for All - Guarantee Issue
- Community Rating Essential Health Benefits - 100% preventative care
- Women's health services
- Pediatric dental and vision Full Time Equivalent
Full Time Small Employer? Large Employer - Determining Your FTE #
- Special Considerations
- Example: - Consideration for MA Health Reform - Fair Share Contributions
- Small Business Tax Credit - Minimum Standards
Affordability, Accessibility, and Comparability
- No Offer Penalty
- Unaffordable or Not Meeting Minimum Value Penalty Grandfathered Plans Essential Health
Benefits Pre Existing Conditions Adult Children
to Age 26 Deductibles and
Out of Pocket Limit What Does the Plan Have to Include? Discrimination Rules Waiting Periods When do you have to offer
insurance to employees? The New Language
of Eligibility - Measurement Period
- Administrative Period
- Stability Period How Will You
Purchase Benefits?

Who will be your
benefits partner? Exchanges -
MA Connector Individuals Small Group Private Exchanges,
Defined Contribution,
Skinny Plans Help along the way... Trusted Advisors PCORI Fees Transitional
Fees Health
Tax Additional Changes in 2014 and Beyond Paying It Forward On the horizon... Taxes & Fees 32 Full Time Employees
28 Part Time Employees
- 20 @ 24 Hours
- 8 @ 12 Hours http://kff.org/interactive/subsidy-calculator
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