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Marie Antoinette - Socials 9 French Revolution Project!

this project is on Marie Antoinette and her life before she was executed by the guillotine on October 16th, 1793. lt is my social studies 9 project...enjoy!!

Sara Philip

on 10 June 2011

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Transcript of Marie Antoinette - Socials 9 French Revolution Project!

Marie Antoinette: The last Queen of France "Courage! I have shown it for years; think you I shall lose it at the moment when my suffering are to end?" Marie Antoinette was born on
November 2nd, 1755 in Vienna,
Austria. She was the ninth and
youngest daughter of Francis
Stephen I and Maria Theresa. Marie Antoinette married Louis XVI at age 14, in 1770. "Let them eat cake" was a line
that was never said by Marie Antoinette. Marie became the queen
of France at age 18 when Louis XV died in 1774. Marie Antoinette was born
into a life full of riches and
popularity as a princess and
an archduchess. Louis was Marie's second cousin once removed. Marie and Louis XVI could not have children
for the first 7 years of their marrige. Marie learned how to play
the harpiscord, clavicord,
spinet and harp. She had
a poor education but
excelled at singing and
dancing. She learned Italian,
French, German, French
history, Austrian history,
and Marie had the ability
to read and write in Greman and French. Marie Antoinette's last words were
" I'm sorry. I did not mean to do it."
as she walked up the stairs to face
the guillotine. Marie and Louis had 4 children Louis and Marie had
4 children:
Marie Thérèse (December 20 1778 - October 1851)
Louis Joseph (October 22 1781 - June 4 1789)
Louis Charles (March 17 1785 - June 8 1795)
Sophie Beatrix Hélène ( July 9 1786 - June 19 1787) In 1789, a mob took over the palace and demanded that they move into another palace in Paris. She tried to flee Paris in 1791 When Austria and Prussia decided to have war, she was accused of being a spy. On August 10th, 1792 the royal family was arrested for suspicion of treason and were imprisioned. Marie Antoinette was treated very poorly when she was in prision. Her best friend, Princess de Lambelle was killed and her head was put on a pike that was presented to the Queen. Her kids ( Marie Therese & Louis XVII) were taken away from her. In 1789, Marie and Loius were forced to move
from their palace in Versallies to a mansion in
Paris. Marie Antoinette's popularity decreased
very fast when she hade her second son and daughter, Sophie and Louis Charles, which
meant that the same family would continue on the throne. On October 16th, 1793, just 9 months after her husband, Louis XVI, was executed, Marie was executed by the guillotine. Her head was then put on a pike ( a sharpened pole) and paraded around Paris. Bibliography: http://www.lucidcafe.com/library/95nov/antoinette.html http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marie_Antoinette http://www.royalty.nu/Europe/France/MarieAntoinette.html http://www.youtube.com/ http://www.funtrivia.com/playquiz/quiz18887915a0e10.html http://www.funtrivia.com/en/People/Marie-Antoinette-15674.html THE END!!!!!!!! Marie's last words were: "I am sorry
sir. I did not mean
to do it.", as she
stepped on the
executer's foot
on her way to the guillotine.
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