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Johnny bittners book report.

No description

Hull Elementary

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of Johnny bittners book report.

title: The Periodic Table
genre: nonfiction
main topic of book: to teach people about the Periodic Table.
author: Adrian Dingle
creator: Simon Basher
genre: nonfiction
sub-genre:informational text
frame 3
frame 5
I learned not all elements are safe and some are deadly.
Johnny bittners' book report.
the end
I learned even minerals are apart of the periodic table.
the periodic table teaches you about hydrogen, Alkali metals, Alkane Earth metals, Transition elements, Boron elements, Carbon elements, Nitrogen elements, Oxygen elements, Halogen elements,noble gases, the Lanthanides and Actinides, and the Superheavies.
frame 4
I learned all about the periodic table and learned new things. I also learned that the periodic table is important because some of the things help us live like oxygen.
frame 7
One thing I knew before I read the book is that the pictures in the book don't look like the ones in real life.
frame 6
Another thing I knew before reading the book is that tungsten is bullet proof.
frame 8
Another thing I knew before reading the book is that nitrogen is explosive.
frame 9
krypton: A white, inert gaseous chemical used mainly in fluorescent lamps, symbolized by Kr.
xenon: The colorless, odorless gaseous element found in small quantities in the air, symbolized by Xe.
Argon: A colorless, odorless, gaseous element found in the air and in volcanic gases and is used in electric bulbs and electron tubes.
frame 10
1. the periodic table is important in life.
2. some of the things in the periodic table help us live.
3.iron, copper, gold, platinum, cobalt, silver can help us with life because they're worth money and we need money to pay bills, etc.
frame 11
frame 12
frame 13
I learned a lot about the periodic table because the facts are true because its nonfiction.
frame 14
Yes I would recommend this book to a friend because it teaches you a lot about the periodic table.
frame 15
About the author
Simon Basher is an artist and designer. Simon Basher has fun playing in the world of contemporary character design. Inspired by a love of simple line work and a rich color palette, his characters filled the gap between edgy manga and the cuteness of hello kitty. he lives in England
It answered questions I had before I read the book like: are some of them dangerous. So if you have Questions about the periodic table then read this book.
It would say the symbol, atomic number, atomic weight, color, standard state, and classification
text features
1 fact
2 fact
3 fact
something I already knew
another thing I already knew
another thing I already knew
New words
3 conclusions
text structure
What I enjoyed about reading nonfiction
recommend to a friend
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