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Philippine Cuisine

No description

peewee cruz

on 22 September 2012

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Transcript of Philippine Cuisine

PHILIPPINE CUISINE LUZON VISAYAS MINDANAO Philippine cuisine has evolved over several centuries from its Malayo-Polynesian origins to a mixed cuisine with many Hispanic cultural influences, due to the many Latin American and Spanish dishes brought to the Philippines during the Spanish colonial period. It has also received varying degrees of influence from Chinese, American, and other Asian cuisine. FILIPINOS EAT 3 MAIN MEALS A DAY AGAHAN (BREAKFAST)
plus MERIENDA (SNACK) Dishes range from a simple meal of fried fish and rice to rich paellas and cocidos An American chef and television personality has hailed Filipino pork cuisine and named the Philippines at the top of his "Hierarchy of Pork". LECHON - Roasted whole pig TORTA - Omelette LONGGANISA - Philippine sausage TAPA - Cured beef CRISPY PATA - Deep fried pig leg ADOBO - Chicken/Pork braised in soy sauce and vinegar KALDERETA - Goat in tomato stew AFRITADA - Pork or beef simmered in tomato sauce MECHADO - Beef or pork cooked in tomato sauce POCHERO - Beef in banana and tomato sauce KARE -KARE - Oxtail and vegetables cooked in peanut sauce SINIGANG - Meat or fish stewed in tamarind PANSIT - Stir fried noodles LUMPIANG SARIWA - Springroll LECHON MANOK AT LIEMPO - Roasted whole chicken and grilled pork belly THE FILIPINO FAMOUS DISHES FILIPINO INFLUENCES IN COOKING The Malayo-Polynesians
prepared food from boiling or steaming They also include eating: MONITOR LIZARD SNAKE FROG The Austronesian people from Southern China and Taiwan they settled in what is now the Philippines. They cultivate rice and corn since 3200 BC from their arrival THE ARRIVAL OF SPANIARDS They brought us the method of sauteing onions and garlic They also include ingredients such as: Tomato for sauces Potatoes Vinegar to preserve food because of lack of preservation Philippines adapted the Spanish cuisines to a local versions that is common in the lifestyle of Filipino PAELLA ARROZ - VALENCIANA CHORIZO LONGGANISA ADOBADO ADOBO ESCABECHE THE CHINESE SETTLERS

During the nineteenth century, Chinese food became a staple of the panciterias or noodle shops around the country, although they were marketed with Spanish names Comida China (Chinese Food) - Name of Chinese food in the Philippines during the Spanish era. ARROZ-CALDO
(Tsai - Fan) CHOPSEUY
(Stir-fried vegetables)
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