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Animal Farm

No description

amber hartenstine

on 13 May 2010

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Transcript of Animal Farm

Animal Farm Characters Mollie Benjamin Napoleon squealer Snowball Moses Boxer Clover Old Major Bluebell Pincher Muriel Jessie Chapter 1 Old Major gives his advice to the animals about his dream Old Major dies in his sleep. Mr. Jones owns Manor Farm The pig, Old Major, Had a dream. Life on the farm for the animals was very harsh.they were worked a lot. Old Major talked about the animals rebelling All animals must unite to have success in the rebellion The animals sing the song "Beasts of England" The animals want all the things that the humans used on them to vanish.things like rings, harnesses, whips, etc. The animals need the foods that they eat to live the perfect life on the farm with no humans Mr. Jones breaks up the meeting by firing his gun at the barn Fable Allegory Satire George Orwell other books:
nineteen eighty-four
Homeage to Catalonia
The Road to Wigan Pier
Coming up for Air Chapter 2 The pigs formulate the teachings of Old Major into a system of thought that they called Animalism Moses causes problems.He is Mr. Jones pet, he tells many tales,does not do any work,and talks about Sugar Candy Mountain. Snowball & Napoleon emerge as leaders after the rebellion the problems encountered as the animals discuss the rebellion were that Mollie was worried about not having her sugar. the animals got rid of all the human things by throwing them down in the well or burning them in the rubbish fire. Snowball formulated the 7 Commandments the pigs taught themselves to read and write from old spelling books that belonged to Mr. Jones' children They turned the barn into a museum Moses talks about Sugar Candy Mountain.it is like animal heaven. Moses=Russian Orthodox Church The 7 Commandments were written up on the wall for all the animals to see Chapter 3 The animals worked very hard together The work got done 2 days before Mr. Jones and his men could do it Some animals were very lazy.Mollie and the cat always seemed to disappear when there was work to be done Boxer & Clover (the horses) were very useful & devoted to the farm Boxer always say "I will work harder." Snowball & Napoleon are always debating but they never agree on anything Napoleon takes the puppies because he will eventually train them to be guards Squealer uses trickery trying to persuade the other animals that the pigs need more food Boxer is the most admired worker sheep=uneducated people Hoof and horn on green flag symbolize communism Chapter 4 pigeons were sent to spread word of the rebellion Pilkington & Frederick were not willing to help Mr. Jones get his farm back at first Pilkington & Frederick tried ignoring their animals when they sang "Beasts of Enland but then they got angry Mollie was not helping the animals at the Battle of the Cowshed Mollie=rich people (cowards) Mollie was found after the battle in her stall with her head in the hay Snowball learned techniques for the battle in a book he found (Julius Caesars battle techniques) Snowball signaled the animals to retreat to throw the humans off Boxer thought he killed a boy in the battle.He felt bad after. Snowball feels no remorse for the boy Snowball says "The only good human is a dead human." The animals used human rituals to celebrate their victory Fire artillary twice a year
Gave out medals
Raised the flag
Sang "Beasts of England"
Gave sheep a funeral Chapter 5 Mollie likes to interact with the humans from the other farms. The humans pet her nose. She has hidden sugar under the hay in her stall Mollie loses her freedom when other animals discover that she is bothering with the humans Napoleon & Snowball disagree at every point where disagreement is possible Snowball wanted to create a windmill on the farm the windmill would help the animals with their work two slogans were made:
- "vote for Napoleon and the full manger."
- "vote for Snowball and the three day week." There was a dispute about the defense on the farm. Napoleon wanted firearms and Snowball wanted to use pigeons. the animals didn't like to hear Napoleon & Snowball argueing all the time. they didn't know who's side to be on. Napoleon raised the puppies to be guard dogs At the meeting Napoleon sent his dogs to chase Snowball off the farm The 7 Commandments are no longer in full effect because the pigs are breaking the rules the dogs wag their tails at Napoleon which symbolizes obedience After Snowball was kicked off the farm there were no more Sunday meetings the phrase that always stopped arguements was "Surely, Comrades, you do not want Jones back?" born in 1903 in Motihari, Bengal representation of abstract ideas or principles by characters, figures, or events in narrative, dramatic, or pictorial form. short tale passed on by word mouth that has animal characters with human that teach readers a moral lesson manner of writing that mixed a critical attitude with wit and humor in an effort to improve mankind and human institutions. real name Eric Blair (donkey) (raven) (horses) (dogs) (pigs) (goat)
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