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Saint Dominic for the little ones

Born in Caleruega Spain 1173 and Died Bologna Italy 1221

Francesca Caristo

on 5 June 2011

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Transcript of Saint Dominic for the little ones

Saint Dominic Born in Caleruega Spain 1173 Son of Felix Guzman and
Joan of Aza Brother to Anthony and
Mannes Dominic`s mother Joan of Aza had
a dream before he was born. She saw in a vision that a dog with a burning torch in its mouth would come forth from her womb and set the world aflame. From age seven to fourteen, St. Dominic pursued his elementary studies under the tutelage of his uncle, the archpriest of Gumiel d'lzan Who is Saint Dominic who?? who?? who?? who?? who?? who?? who?? who?? who?? WHO IS SAINT DOMINIC YOU ASK??
I will tell you about Saint Dominic!
Why don`t you just sit back and relax and let this presentation tell you about the life story of this incredible man. At the age of 14 he went to a university
in Palencia which was in the kingdom of Leon. Dominic was He studied there for 10 years and
worked so well that he was admired by
his teachers and class mates Dominic sold his books and gave the money that he collected to the poor. He was a very kind and
considerate man Question Time!!! Where was Saint Dominic Born????? Thats Right Caleruega Spain!!!!! Where on this map is Caleruega? Yes, right there!! after university he was ordained and
became a Catholic Priest In 1203 the King of Castile, deputed the Bishop of Osma, Don Diego , to demand on behalf of the king's son, Prince Ferdinand, the hand of the Lord of the Marches' daughter.
Diego chose Dominic to acompany him. As Dominic was accompanying bishop Diego on the journey, they became aware of wrong ways of the teachings of a group known as the Albigensians, and became convinced of the need for someone to preach the truth. Dominic and Diego were determined to dedicate their lives to the ministry of preaching and to live simply He made Veritas the motto of the Order. For the last years of his life, Dominic attracted many holy and men and women to the Order.

Dominic taught his followers to pray before God and think about what they would preach the Word of God to the community. Dominic was a joyful, compassionate, prayerful person He was a thoughtful person who didn't want others to suffer.
He wanted more than anything else to help people find their meaning in life.

His love of learning and prayer and his concern for the poor and non-believers was what the Order of Dominicans was based around. Towards the end of 1221 Saint Dominic returned to Rome for the last time.
Here he received many new and valuable ideas for the Order The Women Saint Dominic Veritas means Truth in Latin Dominic gathered together a group of nine women and founded a convent at Prouille, France. These women participated through prayer and good works in the preaching mission of the Order. This group was called the Dominicans. In 1217 he distrubuted the brothers throughout the cities of Europe with a order to study and preach the Gospel.
Dominic and his followers had to walk everywhere.
Saint Dominic walked from Spain to France to Italy,back to a France and to many other places. Sadly Dominic caught a deadly disease called malaria. His Brothers carried him up the hill of Santa Maria Del Monte to let him get some fresh air, but Dominic did not want to go up the hill, so the brothers took him back down again. Saint Dominic died in the arms of his brothers while they were still taking him down the hill.
He was buried in Basilica di San Domenico in Bologna Italy Bishop Diego They realised a religious order could give the Church enough trained preachers needed to carry out this ministry. Finally the Order of Preachers, approved by Pope Honorius 111 in 1216, was an entirely new kind of religious order. It was founded to preach the Word of the Lord. (Up until that time only bishopswhere allowed to Preach). Dominic planted an orange tree at Santa Sabina in rome and is now 800 years old. What was the name of Dominics Bishop Friend? Yes Bishop Diego!
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