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Michael Jackson

This is an autobiography on Michael Jackson.. Some of the pictures have writing beneath so you might want to scroll down for extra information

Abi Carwardine

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson Being a star so young I was born in Gary, Indiana on the 29th August 1958 and was given the name Michael Joseph Jackson. We lived in a small and cramped three roomed house, though at the time it was probably quite big. The Jackson's home I can’t really remember much of my childhood up until I was five, which was when when my dad decided I was old enough to start performing with my three older brothers. It was just Jackie, my oldest brother; Tito, my second oldest brother and Jermaine, my youngest brother in the group before I joined them and became the lead singer. Young Michael Jackson I still can’t believe that my father let me be the main singer at the age of five, oh well, if I hadn’t I might not have been so famous. After I had been in the Jackson Family Performers for about two months my other brother, Marlon, joined us in becoming the Jackson 5. Early Jackson Five Our dad tried to push us to the best of our ability, but sometimes he’d be too pushy and would end up getting violent. One time I remember him clearly saying “If I don’t see you making any improvement on your singing, then I might have to take away your freedom to see your friends, and keep you indoors all day and practice 24/7”. It wasn’t his fault, it was mine, as I didn’t always work to my full extent.

Sometimes I would let my brothers take the blame, like when Tito said “ It wasn’t him, I told Michael not to bother singing as he has already nailed it and the rest of us haven't”. I should have never let my brothers sometime take the blame, because then they got the punishment I deserved. I feel extremely bad. Now looking back to it, it was really my fault. We practised and practised to make sure our act was up to standard and that people would want to come and see it. It also help with the fact that our dad would be less pushy towards us, as we all focused on what we were doing and how we were going to achieve stardom. Meaning we were already pushing ourselves to the best of our ability. We played at many local gigs to try and make our hopes and dreams come true. The Dreams all little kids want, to be famous and to be known by everyone. At this point, I didn’t know that I would, one day, be one of those people, I just hoped that I would be. Our gigs would mostly ended up being sold out, but maybe that was because the tickets were cheap or that we were still very young and it’s cute to see little kids perform. Anyway, we thought we were good so we decided to produce a single, we called it “Big Boy” with the b-side of “You’ve Changed” (nowadays they use a CD with a different track but back in those days they used a vinyl, which had two sides, A and B). The single didn’t generate much interest so we had to go back to the drawing board, looking for better ideas for songs. We decided to work an opening act for R&B artists such as Gladys Knight and the Pips, James Brown and Sam & Dave so we could start getting known and practising being on stage, in the spotlight to help us overcome any stage fright. One day when we were playing an opening act for Gladys Knight and the Pips, it went surprisingly well. After our allotted slot had finished we headed backstage and there standing in the middle of backstage was The Berry Gordy, the founder of Motown. As we went up to him, he said “I can’t believe how good you are. If it is alright with you, I would like to sign you to my label.” We discussed what he had said and all came up with the same answer, of course we were going to say yes, we would be crazy not to.

“ Mr Gordy, we have thought your offer over and have agreed that we are happy for you to sign us to your label,” Jackie said.

“You would all have to move to Los Angeles, is that alright?”

“Yes, we will be able to move there anytime you would like us to!” So there we are, packing up all our belongings, ready to move to our new home. I can’t believe it, the Jacksons moving from our small three roomed house in Gary, Indiana to Los Angeles, all in the summer of 1968. When we arrived we didn’t have anywhere to stay so Berry Gordy and Diana Ross offered us a place to stay. I couldn’t believe it, I was staying with The Berry Gordy and The Supremes singer Diana Ross. As I walked through the door I was hit with the smell of luxury, the smell of roses.

I couldn’t take in the whole sight, it was as if there were 20 rainbows in each direction and I didn’t know which one to look at. As we got led upstairs, we were told that we had our own bedrooms but they were sorry that we have to share bathrooms. I can’t believe it I get my own room, my own personal space, my own bed. Sharing a toilet was fine, I wouldn’t have expected to even have our own bedroom. Berry Gordy Diana Ross I loved it in Los Angeles. After only a couple of days being here we got given some bad news, very bad indeed. Dad was going to be our manager. I knew he was just trying to help. He didn’t mean to upset us, it was his job to be there for us. But being our manager was just pushing us a bit too far. Everyone else now had grown to like the idea more that our dad was the manager, the boss, but I still didn’t like it. Anyway at least we were practising our dancing now as well as our singing. For me dancing was easy but for Tito and Jermaine, let's just say, they had two left feet. We made sure our singing and dancing were perfect, then we decided to release an album in the name of “Diana Ross presents the Jackson 5” it hit the charts in December 1969. We then released a single, it was called, “I want you back” and it hit no.1 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart in January 1970, but we wouldn't know that until we listened to the radio. The radio was on in the kitchen, everyone silent, waiting to see if we, The Jackson 5, had become top of the most well known charts in America.

“Well at no. 1 is our favourite, I want you back by The Jackson 5” the kinda weird talking radio presenter practically shouted. Wow. We had made it to the top. To celebrate this Diana Ross and Berry Gordy treated us to dinner at this very posh restaurant. It was really weird food, but somehow I liked it. After our amazing single, we, well I mean my dad, decided that we should produce three more singles because of its success.

After practising the songs over and over, we finally made them good enough to release. It only took a day or two before all three flew to the top of the Best known chart in the whole of America. It was the same man on the radio who told us about our success last time. Again we had topped the charts and we celebrated at the same restaurant and even sat in the same seats. No wonder Berry and Diana knew what they were having without even looking at the menu. I still couldn’t believe it. We, the Jackson Five, were known all around the world. But I still hoped that someday I would be bigger and more famous, just like Diana Ross. Before I even got downstairs my dad told me some very exciting news, I was shocked, my dad being nice to me for a change. This is too good to be true. My dad wanting me to start a solo career. I must be good, but i can’t ever give up being part of The Jackson Five or I would be letting down my brothers, my dad and my fans, or should I say our fans. My life being part of the Jackson Five and being a solo artist is tough, twice the action, twice the drama. More singing, dancing and song writing. Oh well, being well known isn’t always easy especially at 13, I still find it hard sometimes nowadays. "I wanted to be known all around the world" My first song, “Got to be there”, from the album with the same name, rose quite high up the charts, I knew that it was high up but I just wished it was nearer the top. I tried again, aiming for the top finally landing a number 1 spot in 1972 with "Ben".

The next day I watched Top of the Pops and saw my name and video -Michael Jackson, number 1! I’ve done it! I've reached the top on my own.
My dad and I celebrated, we ate at a more homely restaurant (one serving hamburgers and chips). It felt a lot more normal than the fancy one Berry Gordy had treated us to before.
The Jackson Five Singing Rockin' Robin
-May 1972 on Top of the pops At one point we, The Jackson Five, got so popular that we even got our own titled cartoon show. I remember the day we got told that we were going to star in a cartoon show. Jermaine took it in a bit too much and started jumping up and down and running around the room, he was always the crazy one. I on the other hand was just too stunned to say anything, the world must love us I thought. "We even had our own Cartoon Show" This was the day I finally knew I was going to be a star. Bibliography

Wikipedia.org Michael Jackson's most famous and well known Song, Thriller (Left to Right) Tito, Marlon, Jackie, Michael, Jermaine.
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