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The Power Of Six

No description

Jack York

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of The Power Of Six

By: Jack The power of six Exposition The main characters in my book are John and Marina.
My book takes place in Texas and in Spain in the Exposition. The tone is descriptive because the author is describing everything with tons of detail. Both of the main characters are telling the story of their lives as their lives go on. Rising actions The rising action for John's is when he is in Texas and the Mogadorians find him in the motel he's stying at.
The rising action for Marina's is when she finds her chest and she sees some Mogadorians. Climax The climax for Marina's story is when the Mogadorians arrive at her sister school and so does number six and they have a battle against the Mogadorians
The climax for John's story is when he goes to one of the Mogadorians bases with Sam and fights the Mogadorians and finds number nine. Literary Devices The Literary devices in my
is a flashback the flashback is when Six is telling John about when she was in the mogadorian cave Reading Strategies The reading strategie I used before
reading the text was I visualized I visualized
the I am number four movie because that
movie/book is the one before the book I read.
The reading strategie I used most during my
book was visualize. Some examples of when I
visualized was when Marina's school was being blown up, when John was in jail, when
the mogadorians found John in the motel also
when John and Six were in the forest.Thoes are only some of the times I visualized. They helped me get meaning from the text because
when I use Reading Strategies I can see whats going on better in my mind. I didn't use reading strategies after reading my book. Falling Actions The falling action for Marina is when the big
battle is finished. The falling action for John
is when he escapes the Mogadorian cave with
nine. Conclusions The conclusion
For Marina is when the go to the airport. The conclusion For John is when him and nine go to a house in the mountain side. Thank you for your time. Plot Summary The main characters in my book
are John and Marina. My book takes place in various parts of America such as Texas, Ohio and Virginia my book also takes place in Spain. The main conflict in my book is when John goes into the Mogadorian cave and when Marina has a big battle with the Mogadorians. John conflict is solved because he escapes the cave and Marinas conflict is solved Because she wins the battle. Conflicts The types of conflicts in my book are person vs person. Some examples of conflict in my book is when John has to sneak into the cave without being seen by a Mogadorian. Another one is when Marina has to battle the mogadorians. Another one is when John has to escape from jail.
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