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Stories from Cambodia

No description

Mark Sinclair

on 23 February 2017

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Transcript of Stories from Cambodia

Teaching the Network Class
University Teaching
SIL Software Development Unit
Radio Club
Stories from Cambodia
Computer Science

30 years of war, especially Khmer Rouge period (1975-9)
In just 4 years, 2 million Cambodians died in a population of 6 million
Khmer Rouge targeted intellectuals, including doctors, vets, teachers and academics, plus religious groups
Hence 60% Cambodians are under 30
Cambodian population now 14 million
Huge spiritual & developmental needs
The War
Enemies of
the People
When Broken
Glass Floats

Caged and chained: Cambodia's mentally ill
Caged and Chained
Group Work:
Group Work: Compassion
What is your gut response to that Channel 4 news programme we watched?
What do you imagine God would want to see happening in Cambodian mental health care?
What do you think of the response of MMC to the mental health challenge this programme presents?
What else could the missionary community and the Christian church be doing to help?
Does this kind of missionary work fit with the vision of St John's Church?
Mey and Sochea
CWR Training
Group Work:
Group Work: Exploitation
What is your response to the situation in Svay Pak, as it is described in the reading?
Do you believe that all human trafficking goes against the will of God?
What do you think can be done to prevent human trafficking in Cambodia, where there is a will to make it happen, but a shortage of skilled and trained people?
How can the damage caused by this immoral trade be undone?
Does this kind of missionary work fit with the vision of St John’s Church?
Network of Organisations
Chab Dai
IJM (rescue, justice, restoration, training)
Ratanak (community reintegration)
Many more
Ethos of Collaboration
Digital Forensics
iPhone 7
Group Work:
Computer Science
Group Work: Comp Sci
Do you think that Cambodians should be educated in their own schools and universities to a level equivalent to other South East Asian countries?
Should development of Cambodia's universities continue to the point that they have their own PhD-qualified academics, which will mean developing an international standard research culture?
What are the challenges likely to be encountered in setting up a Masters programme in Computer Science in a Cambodian university?
Is restoring and developing Cambodia's education system a valid expression of Christian mission?
Does this kind of missionary work fit with the vision of St John’s Church?
Fifteen years ago, Cambodia was a country with very limited rule of law, one of the most corrupt countries in the world
Brothels could be found throughout the country, especially in the cities, with not only adults, but children - including very young girls - freely available
Foreigners - from West and East - would make use of the brothels, but also Cambodians in the cities for work or festivals
Police would take 'payment in kind' from the brothels for 'protection' and a girl who ran away might easily be returned by the police or even sold to another brothel
No More
Computer Science
During the Khmer Rouge period, 3/4 of all school teachers and almost all university teachers were killed
Moreover, the schools and the books were destroyed
Education requires teachers; where can they be found?
Adults with 6 years of education could train for three months to teach primary; with 9 years education, and six months training, middle school; with 12 years education, and one year's training, high school
Gradually schools were rebuilt, first primary, and then increasingly middle and high schools
First Computer Science Bachelors degree, largely taught in English by Japanese academics, 1996-2000
RUPP MSc Computer Science
In 2001, RUPP had 2,000 undergraduate students of Computer Science
Thirty plus teachers, but only one with PhD and ten with overseas Masters
Started a part-time weekend Masters; in the week, teach undergraduates; at the weekend, the best, with me, teach the rest
Lots of challenges: background, academic standards, corruption
In the end, 18 of 48 pass, but ...
Isaiah 40:6-13
Who has held the waters in his hand?
Or weighed in scales each grain of sand?
Who has set the sun into its place?
Or flung the stars wide into space?

We see it’s only You (x2)

Who has called the day to follow night?
Or gave to birds the beauty of flight?
Who has caused the leaves to turn to green?
Or painted flowers for all to be seen?

And you're always there for me
Your grace has lifted me
It's the beauty of Your majesty
I love You King of Kings
I love You Lord of Lords
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