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Spongebob hi

on 8 May 2014

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Transcript of states

South Carolina
North : Middle Colonies
South: Spain
East: Atlantic Ocean
West: France
The coast is a watery way of rivers and bays and wet lands
The climate and soil is very good for farming
In the Southern colonies it was warm most of the year good to grow crops 7-8 mounths
The tidewater ended at the fall line were high land flows go into low land flows
Important people
Cecilius Calvert also known as Lord Baltimore was Catholic and he was servilely punished for his religion. So his house became a refuge for other catholic
King Charles II gave land to James Oglethorpe to keep Spain and France away from South Carolina. James started Georgia for debtors and poor people
Colonist created the first legislature. (1619)
In 1663 Charles II created Virginia. (1663)
Carolina became two Colonies. North and South (1729)
James.O led the first groop of settlers to Georgia (1733)
The English tried again to settle Roanoke (1587)
In 1607 England took another shot at settling in America. They made Jamestown and started growing tobacco. (1607)
Eliza Pinckney developed a type of Indigo that was easier to grow. (1744)
Jamestown is in North Carolina
it was founded so Britain could
get a foot hold in America. They
almost died but they were able to
pull through and survive.
Roanoke is the first
attempt for the British
to get a establishment
in America. but then after
there leader John White
left it mysteriously disappeared.
they never found them.
James .O was the founder of Georgia
and made Georgia a place for debots
and poor people to ge a new life.
the House of Burgesses
is another name for the
legislature. (government)
Charleston was also the
biggest Southern city and a big trade

Eliza Pinckney was 17when
she started testing with different
kinds of Indigo. then she discovered a
type of Indigo that was easier to grow
Slaves were brought to plantations as soon as slavery was allowed. Georgia became very wealthy. (1751)
They ran plantations
They traded
They also ran small farms
Southern Colonies
They were first seeking gold.
They first elected Legislature in the colonies.
The Marylanders
Cecilius Calvert wanted to make Maryland a Refuge for Christians
The Carolinians
They made to keep the Spanish and French
Then they moved to the north. It did not grow as fast as the south because it had very few harbors and wasn't as good for growing
Cash crops grew very well in the South.
The climate was perfict for growing tobacco and rice.
The Georgians
Georgia was made to keep Spain and France out of the Carolinas
Georgia was made for poor people and debtors to start a new life.
James .O made strict ruled for his colony.
Georgia became friendly with Native Americans
North Carolina
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