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Final Presentation

No description

Katharina Klein

on 26 November 2014

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Transcript of Final Presentation

Final Presentation
Somerville 6

UX Scenarios
the Customer and the App
Nisha, Mia, Morris, An, Hector, Kat

Customer Journey
Marketing Goal
Utility Marketing

GE HomeBase app will deliver such a specific & unique value (convenience)
that it will become part of the consumer’s life
(Avinash Kaushik loves Utility marketing...especially for surfing info!)

User's dependency on app to make the use of appliances more convenient = company gets to be part of the user’s life...and influence it!
So we got the "go ahead"...
Wrapping it up..!
Promote it on the
GE Appliances & GE Lighting websites
under smart lights and smart appliances
product description

Promote it on
7 social media platforms
(tumblr, g+, YouTube, twitter, facebook, pinterest, instagram)
Social Media is a communication channel –
create curiosity

about the app's utility
not push the app/appliance

Add a
Google Play & iTunes app store icon
on the GE home page
next to the social media icons

Quote, retweet or reshare positiv
e app reviews on social media platforms with a download link attached

Send a reminder and link
to download the app
via text and email
Use the phone numbers and email addresses provided by customers who bought smart products

Send app to mommy bloggers and tech junkies to review (via TestFlight)
Positive earned media = published reviews

Send traffic
to these positive reviews via
content recommendation platform
(such as Taboola)
CRP = platforms that provide web site visitors & loyal readers with content
that is relevant to them/interests them
help users discover these positive reviews
users/readers are already in
consumption mode

Earned media =
praise and criticism users “publish”
on social media platforms
Retweet, like, quote or reshare
positive praise and reviews & address criticism

LEAN advertising
=shade of grey
owned media because the company initiates and creates it
earned because it is only successful if it is seen and shared by viewers on social media
create content ourselves
: capture
video of mommy blogger

controlling appliances remotely
fast and easily,
ie from viewing the inside of the fridge from the grocery store
capture a
time lapse video
for running errands & making food
ie preheating the oven for dinner at soccer practice & then cooking dinner
outsource distribution:
hire service to
help draw in viewers
to create viral effect using
inbound marketing

you're at the supermarket and
forgot what's in your fridge

the app allows you to
view what inside
through the internal camera

no double purchases!
Grocery Shopping
you told the app
, which
kindly reminds you
to check on your baked goods.

perfect, gold-brown cookies
Burnt Cookies
your fridge will send that information to your app which will
send you a push notification!

TADA your dinner will be kept fresh!
Spoiled Products
it's about time to
replace the water filter
in your fridge... but who the hell knows that?

your app does! It will
you to do so and give you a
one-click purchase
option in the app

never drink unfiltered water again!
Fresh Water
Thankfully you can
turn off (or decrease/increase temp of) your oven via the HomeBase app!

Your house won't catch fire! YAY!
Ouch that's hot!
there's an app for that! Go to HomeBase and
dim/turn off the lights!

Lights, camera, action!
Just sitting pretty...
you're completing chores around the house and
you're about to leave for work in the morning and
carelessly leave the fridge door ajar
Somethings come up! You run out of the house and forget you have a
pot roast in the oven!
it's been a long day and YOU JUST SAT DOWN! but you're trying to watch a movie and it's
too damn bright!
get your son to
check on the cookies
share the notification HomeBase sends you with your contacts
excludes social media
because - really - no one cares
HomeBase tracks your location ALWAYS
partner up with brands or supermarkets to receive
through the app
i.e.: one of your lightbulbs just burnt out - here's
20% off
a new one at HomeDepot
(but can also be purchase in-app)
also, appliances can be checked from
any location
the app is only
available on Mobile Phones and Tablets
can be checks
anywhere on all operating systems
push notifications, calendar alerts
(replace part),
and the functions of the app
the benefits...?
- keep the customer happy and wanting more (
enrich the OOBE
the app will make the
of the product (fridge/oven/lighting) more pleasant AND
add to their value
(the full features of the products cannot be appreciated without the HomeBase app)

app can only by used
scan the serial number to register
must input personal information
makes using appliance
convenient and fun
purchase refills/parts in app via one-click
GE will stay on consumer's mind and might
encourage purchase
of another GE Appliance (smart or dumb appliances)
subtle product positioning
*NB: The existence of the app might factor into the
decision as well - the app gives a definite edge over the competition's smart appliances.
Engage with GE
App is appliance secretary, User is the owner & manager of appliance

There is no distance between GE and the customer
GE will always
be with them
, everywhere they go!
GE will always
be on their mind
, every time they use the appliance and the app!
GE will always
be there to help
, provide customer support and troubleshooting solutions 24/7

GE is talking to the customer constantly via App....
Gives GE a Voice with Push Notifications & Text Messages

Customers are talking to GE...
give feedback on app & appliances

Push notifications are optional…
When the customers give permission
to communicate with GE...
increases brand exposure
fosters a relationship of trust
between the customer and GE

GE is
keeps the customer
happy by providing an easy and useful OOBE via app
happy customers = returning/loyal customers

Learning from the Customer
Observe and understand
customer behavior & appliance behavior & app behavior

Data collection
on appliance use, appliance issues, user issues, customer maintenance buying cycle etc (more on this in KPIs)

Recognize usage and dependency trends
in use of innovative technology
where else can GE create smart technology
where else will customers want to use smart technology

Learn and understand

what the customer needs and/or wants
add features to appliance and app -find areas to grow

what needs to be fixed in the app & appliance
Find out where to optimize the app user experience & OOBE & appliance experience

Learn how to make and keep customers happy

KPIs for GE HomeBase App
Measuring App Usage
Data Collection on app usage
how app is being used and by who and for what
Active users per month/Active users per day
might be
more use during the holiday season
gives GE insight onto what else can be targeted during the holiday season, how to re-market the app during holiday season

Cohort behavior
group of users over a period of time
potential target market for another appliance/app

Session length
Helps GE create and improve app areas to make
the more
an app is = the
user sessions are

Unique sessions
(kind of like unique visits)

Total sessions
(kind of like total page views)

*Measure most of these using Googly Analytics mobile app, Upsight or Flurry

Measuring App Experience
Number of positive and negative reviews
helps gauge what and where improvements need to be made

Average customer rating
helps gauge how big the improvement and optimization gap is

Session length
session should be sticky making it longer
not longer because user is stuck
and frustrated
make sure app is
Measuring Acquisition
*In-App Purchases (like filters, parts) are not part of the purchase cycle, they classify as maintenance and upkeep.

* HomeBase is so easy to use and, through subliminal messaging, they might turn to GE to purchase further smart appliances in the future.

* We are promoting the HomeBase app alongside the Smart Appliances (they go hand in hand)

Paid Search
We want GE Smart Appliances to
dominate search result rankings
(top 3 AT LEAST)
Bid on obvious keywords like “GE Smart Appliances/Lighting”,
but also more general ones like “App Controlled Appliances/Lighting” and “Smart Appliances/Lighting”

Search Retargeting

We want to
reel in the customers who have expressed an interest
in Smart Appliances or App Controlled Appliances by showcasing our handy dandy app
Stay on their minds post-purchase by adding on
new smart appliances
to app and promoting (subtly) in app
We will make this part of the
demographics to factor
into Programmatic

Programmatic Advertising
Based on our Personas,
target specifically
to those people who fit our description – especially those who already own a GE appliance/light installation
TrueView, LightBox Ads, Static Rich Media, Banner, Social Media

Social Media Ads
Facebook & Instagram
Most accessible to our target audience
Unobtrusive on mobile as well as desktop
Works on computer and mobile

Feature GE app in
(or equivalent)
Promote usability and showcase Smart Appliances in App description – give them a taste

Doesnt target our Madeleines!!

Measuring Acquisition
users who downloaded
app and from
Help understand what’s working app store, app ads or email reminders etc
What has been the best outlet to reach the target?

New users vs old users (acquisition)
Growth Rate = (New Customer – Old Customers)/Old Customers * 100
How well is the App Marketing campaign working?

User retention and Churn rate
number of
users who uninstall the app = churn rate
How many are putting the app in the graveyard and why?
How can users be retained?
If x% new users are installing every month and same x% are uninstalling…app is not really growing.

Measuring Outcomes
parts and accessories
can be bought within app with reminders to replace

enabling push notifications
setting up
and using control features for each appliance
clicking on
text reminder links
to control appliances
user manual
page for troubleshooting
appliances and user information for future purchases

KPIs for GE Product Websites
Measuring Behavior
Measuring Outcomes
Click Through Rate


User clicks on online app ads ->
user is directed to smart product page ->
Purchase intent (Can lead to the download of the app once the appliance is purchased)

CTR can help GE understand...
target user clicks/sees/acknowledges
the online app ads
or if
online app ads are ineffective
/not enough traffic is being redirected to smart product appliance pages
EVP = Events on Site/ (CTR-Bounce Rate)
Every interaction/action on the site that is related to smart appliances and app
Comparing products (including smart appliances)
Clicking for product details on smart appliance page
Zooming in to smart appliance picture
Zooming in to app screenshot

More events = more interest in app
and appliance during research stage
allows GE to determine helpfulness/access/use of information

*events are considered as micro-conversions

App utility may become an incentive for prospects to
purchase smart appliance

App cannot be downloaded from a desktop site so every event related
smart appliances/app is a micro-conversion

Examples include:
Reading or
writing a review
for smart appliance and app on the site
Clicking for
app details on
smart appliance page
Viewing a
smart appliances video

Micro conversions on the website mainly help us measure the
purchase intent
on the smart appliance and the app

#1 Madeline Merlot
User Story
As a customer of GE, I need to be able to
easily use the best high tech and most reliable appliances
to make my day to day
life more convenient
as a mom, wife and food blogger.

#1 Madeline Merlot
Head of household
Former manager at Gap
B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies
Married with 3 kids (ages 5, 8, 10)
Runs a culinary blog


Running around

Level of Internet Use
– uses the internet daily
Social Media:
Tumblr, Pinterest, Facebook, Blogger
Sites Visited: Groupon, Amazon, FoodChannel

#2 Betty Butterscotch
User Story
As a customer of GE, I need to be able to
use the best high tech appliances in order to save me time
in the kitchen
before and after
I come home from long

#2 Betty Butterscotch
Head of Digital Marketing
MBA from Harvard
Married with no kids, no pets

Urban – lives in CBD


No time
to waste
Barely makes time to cook
Usually eats
frozen dinners

Level of internet use
–daily use
Social media:
LinkedIn, g+, Facebook
Websites visited: Amazon, New York Times, Gilt

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No?! GREAT!! Thanks!
1. UX Scenarios
2. Customer Journey
3. HomeBase
4. Marketing Strategy
5. SoLoMo
6. Building Customer Relationships
7. POE
8. KPIs
9. Personas
Who did we choose?
We chose
Madeline Merlot
user profile fits
our target user and buyer
warm persona
allows more of the target market to relate to her in ads and scenarios
she is a
mommy blogger
and will, no doubt, create a lot of earned media about GE HomeBase & smart appliances
GE already has apps... but they're separate and primitive!!
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