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Introducing Camp Lolo

No description

Amy Clark

on 11 April 2017

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Transcript of Introducing Camp Lolo

How much?
June 16 and 17th, 2017

What is Camp Lolo
Camp LOLO is a two-day camp for children and teens who are grieving the death of someone close to them. LOLO stands for loss of a loved one. Camp is comprised of fun-filled camp activities paired with grief support therapy to help children and teens cope with loss.

The camp is open to anyone ages 6 to 17 who has experienced the death of a family member or someone close to them within the last year.
Inspired by:
Camp LOLO is free to all campers. It is made possible by the generous support of local business, community organizations, and wonderful volunteers who make it possible to provide this service at no cost to bereaved families.
The Watson Family
The Story
2014 one of our board members, Brandie Thomson, met the Watson family. Sam Watson was suffering from ALS and was given six months left to live. His care was covered by hospice, but the rest of the family was unable to get any assistance from the government. When Sam passed on March 7, 2015. The young family did not have enough to provide grief counseling for the three children: Justin, Jake, and JaLyssa. Upon further research, Brandie discovered that there is no other program like this in the Treasure Valley and decided to create the camp. Camp LOLO is dedicated to the Watson family and the many other bereaving families in our community.
For More Information...........
If you know of a child who would benefit from our camp or if you would like to volunteer please visit.........

Coolwater Creek Meridian, ID
1 in 7 Children will lose a parent by the time they are 20.
In 2015, 590 people died between the ages of 24 and 44 in Idaho. We can safely assume that a lot of those people had children.
69% of teachers have at least one student currently in their class that has lost a parent, guardian, or sibling.
Children who have experienced a loss of a loved one often feel lost and alone.
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