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Circles of Innovation: Drive

Circles of Innovation an attempt to create spaces at Valencia where self-directed faculty, who are driven by a sense of mastery and common purpose, can come to mingle, contribute, collaborate, solve problems, and create new forms for Great Teaching.

James May

on 17 June 2016

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Transcript of Circles of Innovation: Drive

As you are waiting for things to begin, please take out your smartphone/smart device and download a QR code reader. There should be a variety of FREE QR code reader apps in your device's App Store.My personal favorite is i-nigma
Thanks for Coming to
What are your initial thoughts or impressions?
Does what you do in class require rudimentary cognitive skill? Are you teaching simple straightforward tasks?
What kinds of things can we do as teachers to
create autonomy, mastery, and purpose?
Four Corners
Toilet paper should always be placed with the paper coming over the top.
Homework is something students should have to do after every class.
Video will eventually replace text in the classroom
There are more than 72hrs of video uploaded every minute on Youtube. 3hrs per minute from mobile devices. (Youtube FAQ).
As of 2008, the average U.S. household had more than 118.6 television channels; In 1985 the average was 19 channels (Nielson Media Research).
In 10 Years, books will be obsolete. Students will learn through the eye. Every field of scientific endeavor can be taught through video.
Who Said?
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