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No description

Josje Wijnant

on 7 July 2010

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Transcript of PowNed

Double click anywhere & add an idea Geenstijl PowNed Concept Newsfacts
Outrageous revealing
Journalistic research
Light subjects
Nonsense Satisfy needs for: Values In a humoristic way Brutal Critical Hard Mission:
To become an inmportant opinion leader by using the media Mission
Informational ,actaulity & diverted programs

Emphasis on news, opinion, satire & entertainment

Specialised in media, actuality, technique, economy & sports Vision
Renewal and platform for current news & opinionforming

To become an important factor of socail discussions Identity

Raw ,intelligent ,transverse ,provoke
& uncensored


Anonymous cowards
Pimply 16years old
Digital bored
Lower educated people
Wilders followers
Network generation They don’t believe everything the media is telling them

They will go looking for the truth themselves

They use all kind of media and sources

They want to make a contribution

They want an interactive way of communication

They are the public and source on the same time

They want to be taken seriously
Most are young (around 29 Years)

They are active members of the information society

Physical and virtual realities become one

They think in images en have there own language

Their opinions are based on each others comments

They have a natural instinct for detecting bull-shit

Remarkable is their hunger for actuality
Male(77.8%) Strong interested in politics (70%)

Young 18-40 (65%) Breadwinner(64%)

Highly educated(58%) High income (41%)

Very active on the internet “Nerd” (>80% download a lot 52% doing a lot of online games)

High media consuming Not to catch in one politic direction

Top-5 voting behavior:
1. SP
2. VVD
3. PvdA
4. CDA
5. PVV

Supports 24 broadcast will be brought back to 15

150.000 PowNed members Main problem Cause of problem

Anonymous cowards
Pimply 16years old
Digital bored
Lower educated people
Wilders followers
Posters Internet Radio TV Film
Bull-shit detector Raw

Discussion Program Communication strategy message


Position Business objective

Marketing objective

Communication objective

Behavior Media revolution Thanks for listing
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