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Process data utilisation for biogas optimisation

No description

Frank Scholwin

on 6 June 2017

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Transcript of Process data utilisation for biogas optimisation

Evaluation of process data from operation of real scale biogas plants

Lessons learnt and approaches for practical plant optimisation based on continuous process monitoring ?

Frank Scholwin, Johan Grope

Biomethane - Technology and use

System Integration



Biogas weak
point analysis
Today: Data accumulate every second
- a monthly evaluation takes place

Average data without quality considerations are used for evaluation - an improved feeling results
Daily data visualize typical fluctuations but also clear effects - surprises in average values get clear
Unlimited Data are online available - substrate feed, gas storage tank, gas production, electricity production, pumps, mixers...
Long Term Efficiency evaluation
Evaluation of process additive (YARA BPO)
Dosage failed
Analysis of annual and daily course of heat consumption / flexible operation enables income optimisation
CHP efficiency evaluation
Readout Frequency converter
Blades broken,
no failure signal
Overheating Mixer 2
Available data allow weak point analysis
automatisation typically simple after initial detailed analysis
Efficiency control, benchmarking etc. possible
device accuracy, drift and calibration challenging, but internal benchmarking only requires driftless measurements
Basis for plant internal process modelling and prognosis based on historic data is given
Shared Knowledge = increased knowledge!
22-23 May
Italy Lake Garda

Bioenergieforum Rostock
22-23 June
Germany Rostock

IBBA Workshop Biorefinery Biogas Approaches
24-25 August
Poland Poznan

Be proud to use Biogas!
You are the forerunner!
Pictures: YARA Industrial
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