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Henry VIII and the English Reformation

No description

Christian Geister

on 3 May 2013

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Transcript of Henry VIII and the English Reformation

Beginning of reign Martin Luther publishes 95 Theses - the beginnings of the Reformation in Germany 1504 1516 Henry VIII succeeds to the throne and marries
Katherine of Aragon Princess Mary born
(later Mary I) 1509 1517 William Tyndale
expelled from England 1524 time of Henry VIII beginning of
Hundred Years' War between England and France 1337 1789 Henry VIII succeeds
to the throne French Revolution 1509 Prince Arthur dies 1502 Pope annuls marriage of Katherine and Arthur Henry VIII attacks Theses Pope conferred title
'Defender of the Faith' on Henry VIII Roman Catholic Beginnings of the Reformation Thomas Cromwell helps
to suppress 29 monasteries 1525 1529 Hearings on the
Royal Marriage
Wolsey removed as Chancellor; replaced by T.More 1527 marriage with Anne Boleyn
Elizabeth I. born
The act in Restraint of Appeals 1533 1534 Henry declares himself
head of the Church 1535 Against Roman Catholic Church Henry makes clear his intentions to divorce Katherine
Henry falls in love with Anne Boleyn http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/5/5e/Arthur_Prince_of_Wales_c_1500.jpg Thomas Wolsey Archbishop of York, cardinal, papal legate Lord Chancellor
king's chief adviser Church Political controlling figure Thomas Cromwell Anne Boleyn Thomas More The Royal divorce Act of Dissolution Further progress - The Beginnings of the Anglican Church First act of Dissolution
"Pilgrimage of Grace"
Anne Boleyn executed
marries Jane Seymour 1536 1543 marries Anne of Cleves, shortly afterwards annulled
Cromwell executed
marries Catherine Howard Cranmer is arrested
marries Catherine of Parr 1540 Death of Henry VIII 1547 popularity of church corruption and inefficiency
lacking in religious fervour
pluralists (e.g. Wolsey) deeply unpopular institution turning point Acts passed by Parliament 1533-34 The Act in Restraint of Annates
The Dispensations Act
The Act of the Submission of the Clergy
The Act of Succession
The Act of Supremacy
The Treason Act English Bible ordered
to be placed in churches 1538 Henry VIII "King Henry the Eighth,
to six wives he was wedded.
One died, one survived,
two divorced, two beheaded." Thomas Cranmer † Church in England
by 1524 Theology of Anglican Church most procedures stayed the same
biggest changes: monarch head of the Church and use of English Bible
average citizen did not see change in practice of the church step towards protestantism Edward VI Mary I Elizabeth I. The End
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