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Global Awareness Week QTL 2010

Global Awareness at Shallotte Middle School for the AIDS virus.

Justin Hayes

on 21 March 2012

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Transcript of Global Awareness Week QTL 2010

Global Awareness Week 2010
AIDS 8th grade students took different perspectives on the global pandemic of AIDS. mrs. holly borden had all 8th grade pe classes spend time in the computer lab researching hiv/AIDS Mr. justin Hayes and Mrs. whitney Richardsons' 8th grade science Classes Public Service Announcements Movie Maker Inspiration Image Maker Cellular Level Spread of Virus Core 1 : Normal Blood Cells Core 2 : HIV/AIDS Information
(Social Studies) BIO-CUBE
cartoon Maker
Core 3 : Blood Infected by Virus Core 4 : Statistics and Data
(Math) Cartoon Maker Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, and Publisher Protist Project - Kristyn Loy Discovered by Antone von Leeuwenhoek 1886.
Kingdom name is Protista
Classified by Plant-like, Animal-like, and Fungus-like characteristics. Head Body Body Body Body Body Body Body Body Body Body Body Body Amoeba
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