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Portable ICTs: iPads - Evoluation in education... ...lead the change

Assignment 2: Emerging pedagogies and new media - Digital Presentation.

Simon Mahony

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of Portable ICTs: iPads - Evoluation in education... ...lead the change

Evolution in education... The iPads show
strong connections to
PDHPE's... Reference Portable ICTs: iPads Prepared by Simon Mahony Thinking... ...lead the change Using different education applications on
iPads can obtain different
levels of achievement. Adding variety to teaching and learning is essential to keep students motivated and engaged. iPads could assist teachers with working
towards a goal or harnessing a strength
that the student has. Why implementing iPads in education is important?

~ Importance of variety ~ iPads took the lead in the future of education... ...it's important to firmly implement iPads in education. Reference
(Images) Various PDHPE applications are
literacy and numbers Anatomy and Physiology
Applications Variety PDHPE
applications on
iPads PDHPE Study Cards for Core Unit in Secondary
Application Macquarie Guide: HSC PDHPE
HSC PDHPE Sport Medicine
Applications Mobile Tennis Coach
My Food Nutrition
Pedometer FREE
Pedometer PRO
Pocket Pedometer
Rugby Speed and Agility
Rugby Tube
Run Keeper
Serious Nutrition
Sports Video
Strands Fitness PRO
Tap and Track
Tennis ScoreKeeper
Touch Stat
Walkmeter GPS
Water Your Body
Weight Loss Tracker
Weight Tracker
Weight Watchers
Workout Trainer
Your Ideal Weight Eat this not that
Encyclopedia of Health and Medicine
Endomondo Tracker
Fit Orbit
Fitness and Healthy Weight
Fitness Builder
Fitness Log
Fitness Plan
Food Advisor Australia
Full Fitness
Gym Trainer
Healthy Recipes
Instant Heart Rate
Interval Timer
Interval Trainer
Log Your Run
Meal Snap - Calorie All-in Fitness
Australian First Aid
Blood Pressure
Blood Type Diet
BMI Calculator
BMI & Food Tracker
Body Fitness
Calorie Abacus
Calorie Calculator
Calorie Counter PRO
Calorie Counter and Diet
Calorie Tracker
Couch to 5K
Cyclemeter GPS
Daily Ab Workout
Daily Burn Calorie
Daily Cardio Workout
Dance Tutor
Definition Fitness
Diet and Food Tracker
Distance Meter List of PDHPE iPad applications VCE Physical Education
For Year 7 -12 PDHPE Health Care and Fitness Applications
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