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History of Gloving

No description

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of History of Gloving

History of Gloving/ Light Shows
of Gloving
What is Gloving?
Gloving Today

Styles of Gloving
Each 'glover' has his/her own unique gloving style based on their creativity, self-expression, and technique ability
Some of the 'main' styles of gloving are
Flow (liquid)
Most glove light show performances were done at raves/ edm events; a subculture/ scene known to embrae self-expressed,unique & abstract styles of dance
Liquid Dancing (mid 1970's-early 1980's)
inspired from funkstyle, breakdancing, & popping
generated its own unique style & evolved as a popular form of street dancing amongst the rave culture
it was a modified version of waving- technique used in popping
By the late 80's early 90's liquid dance had evolved into a popular form of dance & self-expression
with time the dancer would start utilizing props
most popular prop at the time being the glow stick
thus light shows were created
Hermes is considered to be the OG (Original Glover)
invented the glove light show in 2006 by taping *Inovas to his fingers
he recorded his first public performance at a music festival "Love Fest" & with the advancement of social media (youtube) a phenomenon began.
his style was very simplistic and free
Fellow ravers -attendies' of these music festivals- saw this new form of dance and wanted to learn how to give light shows
Thus encouraging this unique form of dance to evolve.

Light shows became increasingly more complex around 2008
Gummy is thought to be the pioneer of the forefront of a stylistic revolution along with many other famous glovers
used different dance techniques
tutting, figure 8's, conjuring
pace/ tempo
different colored LED lights
Much of his success was made through his association with Emazing lights and E-team thus publicating his most viewed youtube light show "bunny show" with over 2 million views.
Techniques of Liquid Dancing
Hand flow *which was the starting point of gloving
In 2010 tragedy struck the rave scene at one of the largest west coast festivals EDC;out of control crowds & the death of the 15 yr old girl brought upon a crack down on the rave scene unlike ever before
Local authorities pressured event companies to change things they deemed problematic
Among many of the changes, event companies/promoters categorized Glove lights as 'paraphenalia' & banned them from events.
However, the gloving scenes' growth deviated from this stereotype & evolved into it's own art form which is now practiced by people all over the world.
Gloving is a dynamic new dance art form that first emerged in 2006 at an electronic music event in southern California
Dazzling Gloving displays are now regularly performed at events across the country to the energized beat of electronic dance music, primarily by hands and fingers in gloves with LED lights on the fingertips.
Glove Sets
An LED Glove Set typically consists of 2 plain white gloves that have microlights inserted in the fingertips.
The artist then inserts his/her hands in the gloves and lets the microlights rest on either the top or bottom of his/her fingers.
The lights themselves are usually made up of a chip, casing and bulb.
There are a wide variety of chips and bulbs on the market that can be combined to make all kinds of lighting effects.
Just like a glovers style, glove sets are part of the creative process thus making each one unique.
the leading store for LED glove sets is Emazing lights
glove sets can range from $25 (prewired) to $120 (custom)
Gloving has come a long way since its early days, growing into a legitimatedance & art form.
In recent months, the underground phenomenon has received mainstream media attention as it was featured in performances on
MTV’s America's Best Dance Crew as well
Disney Channel’s Shake it Up

Just as any other form of dance, glovers too have "studios" in which they. collaborate and learn from one another.
Emazing lights host weekly events TNL & FNL in which gloving teams and beginners hang out, practice, battle and record videos.

Top Gloving videos on YouTube receive millions of views. Although Gloving has received attention across the globe, Southern California is ground zero for the phenomenon, with many of the top performers, the most organized community, and regular competitive events
BOSS (monthly competion anyone can participate)
IGC ( annual competion, invitational participation)
Work Sited


Iconic Glovers Today

Some teams are based on gloving styles and technique and glovers can be part of more than one.
Lili -youngest glover 8 yrs old
Bluz- one of the first girl glovers
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