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Connecting to Students Across the World

An overview of tools to utilize to begin connecting your students with students across the world.

Roni Dorsey

on 10 June 2011

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Transcript of Connecting to Students Across the World

Get Connected:
The World Out There Resources Making
Connections Project Ideas CILC CAP
Space Skype
in the
classroom ePals The Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration, Inc. www.cilc.org Collaborations
Around the
Planet CAPspace is a social networking tool for educational videoconferencing http://projects.twice.cc/ http://education.skype.com/ Skype in the classroom is a free community to help teachers everywhere use Skype Global Community where students connect with other students through monitored emails. http://www.epals.com/ FREE Connect with authors, professionals, past students, those with life experience. Video chat about cost of living in different parts of the world. Compare family, religion, and cultures. Examples:
Skype with teen mom about struggles
Video conference with a chef as he shows students how to be creative with bread dough, fruits, and vegetables.
Invite a stock broker to discuss investing in the stock market with your class. PolyCom LifeSize Roni Dorsey - Palmer High School Beth Kabes - ESU #7, Columbus Megan Plumbtree
Student Teacher
Palmer, NE Michael Cunningham
DelValle, TX
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