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No description

Ditte Dieu

on 4 November 2015

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Transcript of Scotland


Animal’s stomach
Facts about Scotland
Scottish History

5.2 million people

St. Andrew's Day

English, Gaelic and Scots
Scottish Pie
Minced mutton
Small, double-crust meat pie
Loch Tay
Scottish Food
Sheep’s guts
Scottish Traditions
Caber Toss
Scottish Whisky
Highland Games
National drink
Stone put
Hammer throw
Produced, centuries
Weight throw and weight throw over the bar
Big amounts
Oak barrels
School System
Famous People
National Animal
Oldest Tree In Europe
- Twisted yew
- Fortingall
- 3.000 years
- Not allowed
- Allowed
Major attempt in 1933

"The lady of the lake"

Every picture is out of focus
Primary School
Gerard Butler
Robert Burns
Gordon Ramsay
- Scottish poet
- Lyricist
- National poet
- TV-show
- 15 Michelin-stars

- 23 restaurants
Calvin Harris
- Ready for the Weekend

- UK Album Chart

- 2014 American Music Awards

- Adam Richard Wiles

- MTV Video Music Award 2012
- Paisley, Scotland
- 1969
- Actor
- Tapered pine pole

- "Turned the caber"

- 12 o'clock toss

- Simular to the modern-day Stone put

- A large stone

- Braemar Stone

- Open Stone

Fun Facts
- Simular to the Hammer throw we know today

- Wood

- Bamboo

- Plastic
- Heraldic symbol
- Since, 12th century
- Scottish coat of arms

- William I.
- 8 november 1966
- Motto

- National symbol, thistle

- Second largest country

- Home of Golf

- Scottish drivers
Highlands, Lowlands & Uplands

Glasgow, Aberdeen & Dundee
Secondary School
National dish
- Scottish culture
- Banned
- Illegal
- Instrument of war
- National costume
- 1740
- Patriotism, honor
- Special occasions
190 days a year

Mid-August to the end of June

25 & 28 hours

40 to 50 minutes

12 to 18 years old

400 to 1.200 pupils

Skills, knowledge & experiences

Gaining qualifications
Boys and girls

5 to 12 years old
Scottish Shortbread
- Biscuit
- White sugar, butter, flour
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