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Brainwashing/Thought Control in Brave New World and our Media

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Trent Maynard-McLeod

on 22 April 2015

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Transcript of Brainwashing/Thought Control in Brave New World and our Media

Mind Control in BNW
Propaganda Techniques
Fear: Designed to scare people into choosing sides. Often, worst-case scenarios are presented of horrible things to come if a particular action is or is not taken.
What is Propaganda?
Propaganda is a term used commonly to describe deceptive persuasive techniques.
Soviet Union Propaganda Poster
Hypnopaedia: A recorded voice whispers into a childs ear during sleep to instill consumerism, class loyalty and other ways of life to keep the Community 'stable'.
Voice is heard every night for over a dozen years, repeated 100+ times per night.
The World State persuades the people that soma is the solution to all of their problems through catch-phrases, clever jingles and rampant usage.
Soma: The fail-safe for when the conditioning can no longer dull feelings, brings the user euphoria and numbed emotions along with hallucinogenic properties to cheer them back into routine
Anger: Provoking feelings of anger, dislike or hatred to form a biased opinion.
Brave New World
Conditioning, Conformity and Propaganda are the instruments put in use by the World Controllers to instill desired characteristics into the populace of a Brave New World from their hatching until their death.
The Bandwagon: Suggesting that everyone else is using a product/doing a thing and that you should be too.
Also, use of celebrities to show 'people more important than you' are using a product/doing a thing and you should be too.
Sex Sells: Sexual imagery or allusion to evoke sex-based feelings towards a subject.
Pleasure: Targeting the ideas of enjoyment, having fun, fulfillment and/or good times.
Humor: Makes you laugh, feel good and enjoy being experiencing their messages.
By: Trent Maynard-McLeod

The term 'brainwashing' was introduced in the 1950s by an American journalist named Edward Hunter. It is a direct translation of 'hsi-nao', a Chinese saying used to describe certain training techniques.

The term became common vernacular after its use in the media during the American war with Korea to describe the treatment of American P.O.W.s.
Everyone is hatched from a selected egg, thus making all the produced children identical twins.
Identical twins wearing identical clothes, pursuing identical hobbies, working identical jobs and living identical lives.

"A gramme is better than a damn!"
-Common saying in
Brave New World

"Community, Identity and Stability"
-World State motto, controls populace

"One cubic centimeter cures ten gloomy sentiments!"
-Another slogan promoting Soma use

Aldous Huxley's Predictions within Brave New World
In the novel, Huxley goes into great detail demonstrating just how effective 'mind-control' is in guaranteeing a functioning society of consumerism and debauchery. Using multiple methods, including 'ad campaigns' promoting obedience-encouraging drugs and behaviors, forced conformity along with threat of isolation, the World Controllers are able to keep the 'Civilized World' happy and docile. If everyone is enjoying themselves too much to notice their own exploitation, the less likely the status quo will change. He foresaw a world driven by greed, and manipulated into a sense of peace.
Huxley's Predictions in the Modern Era
The novel, having been released in 1932, accurately predicted many things about our futuristic society. We are bombarded day-in/day-out with advertisements, subtle manipulations and opinions being thrown from every direction, all to keeps us wanting more and doing less. We are the consumers, always in wait for the newest proposed mass-production, smiling and drugged up to keep everybody in their place and the economy going.
"O Brave New World, that has such people in it!"
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