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The history of the Computer Ana Carolina Summative assesment

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on 21 March 2014

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Transcript of The history of the Computer Ana Carolina Summative assesment

The First Computer
In 1941 Great Britain and United States were fighting against Germany. They thout computers would help them fight with their fight. In 1943 the Harvard Mark I computer was made in the United States. England built the colossus computer in the same year. The colossus computer could read messages written in a secret code.
Before Computers
100 years ago no one had heard of a computer. People used an abacus to work with big numbers.
People used typewriters to write letters.
Help with Numbers
Inventors worked on counting machines. Charles Babbage was born in England. He invented thecounting machine and sometimes people called him the father of computers. In 1896 herman Hollerith invented a calculator and made a company to sell calculators but soon people were looking for something better.
A Computer as big as a house
3 years later in the United Sates, John Mauchly and J. Presper Eckert built a better computer called the Eniac computer. The Eniac computer would take 30 seconds to answer a hard math problem, without a computer it would take 12 hours.
Mauchly and Eckert built a better computer caled the UNIVAC. They built the UNIVAC computer in 1951, It could do many jobs, for example to count how many people lived in the United States.
Making Computers Better
The first computers had very little memory they could only store 1,000 words. Inventors tried to make computers better by putting more memory in them. Now computers can store millions of words and numbers. By the 1960's inventors made computers smaller and people started to use computers at work. many were used for counting big numbers.
Personal Computers
No one had a PC (personal computer) until 1975. That year they started selling the ALTAIR 8800. The Altair 8800 didn't have a screen or keyboard. The first PC's only did whatever they were built to. They only did 1 job. Some played games or answered math problems. While people bought more computers, they wanted them to do many things.
The history of the Computer

Computer Programs
In 1975 Bill Gates invented a way to tell computers what to do if they had many computer programs. Herman Hollerith started selling computers that already had computer programs. Computers used programs to keep lists , type letters and answer math problems.
A Mouse Helps Out
The first IBM computers did not come with mouses.
Douglas Engelbart, from the United States, Invented the computer mouse. the first mouse was made out of wood. Douglas Engelbart named it a mouse because it was small and the wire looked like a tail. In 1976 Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, both United States, started Apple computers. In 1894 a company called Apple computers put mouses on their computers. soon people put mouses on their computers too. People used mouses to start computer programs, move things on the screen and play games.
Computers to Take With You
In 1980 William Moggridge, from England, made a smaller computer that went to space to the first trip to the moon. By 1981 many several countries started selling laptop computers. laptop computers were easy to carry from place to place. Inventors made laptop computers better and they weighted less but had bigger screens. By 1993 computers were so small that they could fit in a persons hand. These computers were called PDA (Personal Digital Assistant)
The Internet
In the 1960's, inventors wanted to find a way that a computer in one place could work with a computer in an other place. They called his new plan the Internet. By 1986 the computers in 165 places were working together using the Internet. Most computers were in Universities. First it wasn't very easy to use the Internet, Inventors wanted to figure out a way to make it easier to send words and numbers.
The World Wide Web
In 1989 Tim Berners-Lee, from England, made a special computer program. This program made it easier to send words and numbers through the Internet. He called this program the World Wide Web.(also called www.). Today people use the World Wide Web to send Emails, Massages and visit websites. In the year 2000, invenors had the new idea of sending radio and television shows over the World Wide Web. They called this a podcast, this began in 2003.
How Computers Changed Life
Today very few people use a typewriters or abacus. People use a computers to answer math questions, to write reports and letters. Today people use computers Every were even in schools.
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