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How people see me

No description

Kathryn Larsen

on 7 January 2016

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Transcript of How people see me

How my friends see me

I Jenni see Fernanda as a small turtle slow and stupid. Just kidding she's like my sister I never had but I already have a sister so not really. But she's always been there for me. She's my turtle green small and ugly. I hope she goes to jail and never gets out ill go visit her though. Sheś always there when you need her and I known her since 2nd grade we use to be mean to everyone and I have good memories with her that I never will change and is ones of my besties :)

Jenni Sanchez
Sage Snow
Maddie is my chipmunk friend. She has these big cheaks that are so cute! I love her so much and shes a great friend to everyone! I known her sense 3rd grade. We have had many great memories! Shes always helping out on anything. Always having a positive attitude and a happy smile!

I think of Fernanda as a very amazing person. She is always there when i need her. She makes me laugh and makes me smarter. She has been a great friend for five years. I love her so much!! She is awesome, kind, pretty, and so much more!!
Madison Chestnut
Jenni is my most wonderful and ugly friend I have. I love her so much . Shes like another sister to me because like I say I include all my girlfriends as a sisters. ;) I trust her very much. shes always there for me when i need her! Ive known her sense second grade. We were like mean buddys or ¨Mean girls¨ to the other students. We have gone through so many experiancce together and theres more out there for us two. As well as many memories!
I say Sage is one of my bestest friends from elementary. She has a very smart brain. :) Also a very nice style in clothing. Shes always looking gorgeous her self. As well as having a great attitude. She makes me laugh and smile. We have had funny moments. We been friends since kindergarten. I love her so much (as friends). Shes a person you can trust. And will be there if you need anything.

Fernanda is very kind, sweet and nice friend. She is always able to make you laugh she is so happy all the time and it really rubs off onto other people. I´ve known her for a long time and she is so awesome and cool!!!!!!!!
Fernanda Diaz
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