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PUSD SDAIE Module 5: Differentiation

Features various differentiation strategies for ELs.

Mario Marlon Ibao

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of PUSD SDAIE Module 5: Differentiation

SDAIE STRATEGIES MODULE 5: presented by DIFFERENTIATION providing access to content LANGUAGE ASSESSMENT AND DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT 351 S. Hudson Ave., (Rm. 209) Pasadena , CA 91109 Tel: 626 396 3600 Ext 88285 Fax: 626 683 0728 Pasadena Unified School District AGENDA:
I. Introduction: What is differentiation? What can be differentiated?
2. Differentiating CONTENT, PROCESS, and PRODUCT
3. Differentiation Workshop
4. Response to Intervention for English learners Uses of the Flip Chart DESIRED OUTCOME:
familiarize with the various differentiation strategies
use differentiation strategies when planning lessons for various needs
familiarize with various EL modifications 1. As a quick reference when differentiating lessons for various student needs
2. To understand what differentiation is and what it is not
3. To plan high-quality lessons that address the diverse needs of students Give 3 stars and DIFFERENTIATING PROCESS
ACTIVITY 2: Give 3 Get Familiarizing with
PRODUCT Differentiation Strategies ACTIVITY 3: BlockParty
1. Group into triads. Number off 1-3.
2. Read the product differentiation strategy assigned to your number.
3. Share the information with others in your triad. 1. Interact with teachers at your table. Choose 3 star-ed process differentiation strategies.

2. Think-Pair-Share 1: Share your first strategy with a partner; get one strategy from him/her.

3. Think-Pair-Share 2: Share your second strategy with another partner. Get another strategy from him/her.

4. Think-Pair-Share 3: Share your third strategy with another partner. Get another strategy from him/her. Content Differentiation Strategies
Activity 1: Find Someone Who
1. Get up and circulate. Interact with the whole group.
2. Find someone who can change your Xs to s. ` ACTIVITY 3: BLOCK PARTY
1. Work in triads. number off 1-3.
2. Read product differentiation strategy assigned to your number.
3. Share information with your triad.
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