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Mrs. Stewart Explains Independent Research Project

No description

barbara stewart

on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of Mrs. Stewart Explains Independent Research Project

What is an independent research project? The Dictionary says... It is an INDEPENDENT investigation or experimentation. Mrs. Stewart says... It is an opportunity to explore your passions - what you are really "in to." It does NOT have to be something we learn about in school! It is a chance for YOU to ask a BIG question and to find the answer using multiple sources! Are you EXCITED yet? Are you wondering when and where you get started? Are you thinking, what will I have to do? Let's go through it... STEP
STEP Step 1: Pick a Topic You will need to brainstorm by asking yourself... What are the things I'm interested in? What do I LOVE to do? Is there a problem out there in the world I want to solve? Is there a fact I want to prove? Is there something I want to
learn to do? Is there something I want to learn more about? What's the next step? Step 2: Ask Questions Start asking OPEN questions about your topic. WHY? HOW? Think BIG! Step 3: Come up With a Plan Meet with your Mrs. Stewart to go over your questions and topic. Decide what resources you will need to use. Plan to meet with Mrs. Weil, Mrs. McConnell, Mrs. Klein or Mrs. Kiesling to go over your ideas. Step 4: Collect Information Find answers to your questions from... books magazines newspapers advertisements brochures pamphlets internet websites surveys experts Step 5: Develop a Product Decide what you will do or create to present all your hard work and research to others. Examples... book
comic strip
story game
experiment painting
photo album map
display Step 6: Present! You will present your project in front of your... classmates, teachers, family, and other special guests! Step 7: Evaluate Teachers, students, and anyone in the audience will let you know what they thought of your project. How will we do this? We will all write our positive thoughts on a reflection paper, and they will be given to you! To start! Are you ready?
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