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Business Model Generation: McDonalds Kid's Meal

No description

Taylor Bargstadt

on 25 November 2012

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Transcript of Business Model Generation: McDonalds Kid's Meal

Business Model Generation: McDonald's Happy Meals Value Proposicion Customer Relationship Customer Segments Channels Revenue Streams Key Activities Key resources Key Partners Cost Structure -Providing well portioned, fun fast food for kids -Providing nutritional meal options for parents in a hurry

-Offer different choices of food combinations -Children


-Schools -Busy parents; may be in a rush -Restaurant Chains
-Catering -Cooking
-Deliver food
(inside or to car)
-Boxing, portioning
-Advertising (new ad's for each new toy) -Raw Materials (meat,bun,toppings,fries,nuggets,boxes etc.)
-McDonald's Brand -New toys
-Ronald McDonald House
-Nutritional Options and information -Advertising/Marketing
-Research -Toy manufacturer

-Rights to movie/TV characters

-Sponsors -Sale of food and toys
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