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Air France Strategy Analysis

No description

Sowjanya Vijayanagar

on 30 August 2014

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Transcript of Air France Strategy Analysis

Key Performance Indicators
Utilization of KPIs
Using our KPIs we can assess each publisher and determine a viable strategy tailored to each publisher.

Air France Case Analysis
On board: Amitoz; Bharadhwaj; Jared; Shravan; Sowjanya; Vivek
Engine Click Through Ratio
Transaction Conversion Ratio
Return On Ad $ Spent
Average Position
Ratio of clicks to impressions
Indicates the quality of advertisement on the publisher page
Ratio of bookings to clicks
Can be an indicator of the quality of the campaign
Gives the return for every $ spent on ads
KPI to measure revenue
The position at which the publisher displays the ads
Publisher defines this position based on the quality of the ads
This is the total $ spent on each keyword by Air France
Optimizing this parameter may result in higher net revenue
Parameters used for measuring Air France's success
Overture (Global & US)
Increase Number of Impressions

Google (Global & US)
Refine Keyword bids

Yahoo and MSN (Global and US)
Increase funding
Purchase additional keywords

Publisher Breakdown continued…
Publisher Breakdown continued…
Comparison of
Campaigns based on KPIs
From the upcoming table we can derive some insights into what particular strategies to employ.

Publisher Breakdown continued…
We would like to optimize the output from each publisher.

Low average cost per click while maintaining a high probability of booking.

Campaign Breakdown
Campaign Breakdown continued…
Key Campaign Recommendations
In order to assess the campaigns we need some standard of comparison

For this we utilized profit of each campaign

We would like to refine all campaigns that are producing a net loss

Google_Yearlong 2006
Analysis shows none of the keyword groups are producing net profits
Recommendation: Cut funding to campaign
French Destinations
Analysis shows some keywords and keyword groups are producing profit
In general, destinations to Nice, France are generating profit while others are failing.
Refine keyword bids to those only pertaining to Nice.

Generating Net Loss
Performance Indicators
Current SEM Strategy
Kayak v/s Search Engines
Metasearch Engines
Web is too large to search

Aggregation of data

Kayak, Trivago, TripAdvisor, Fly.com, Bing Travel

Advertising on kayak

Cost per Clicks and Cost per Impressions

What does Air France pay for on kayak?

Why Kayak?
Gather Information --- Refine --- Purchase

It is the movement of the future

Spend less time and less money (may not)

World of e-commerce
What is the expectation from analytics team at Media Contacts?
Campaign Strategy
Google Pure Search Engine
Air France Branded
Business Class

Yahoo and MSN content based
Western Europe Destinations
Paris & France Terms

Campaign Strategy continued..
Use Geo Targeted for major US cities with Advanced match type

Use exact and broad match type for branded campaign

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