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Kiewit Construction Company

No description

Jackson Foster

on 2 November 2013

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Transcript of Kiewit Construction Company

Kiewit in a Nutshell: An Overview
Content theory
Expectancy theory
Goal setting theory
Reward systems
Implement a Diversity Management program
Educate managers and employees through training sessions
Management should provide enforcement of diversity goals and encouragement of appropriate behavior
Public Information Coordinator
Public Information Team Manager
Kiewit was started in 1884 and has grown into a construction, engineering, and mining powerhouse
Over $10 Billion in revenues in 2011
One of the largest construction companies in the U.S.
1.) DFW Connector
Joint venture between Kiewit and Northgate Construction
Widening of State Highways 114 and 121
Ease traffic to DFW airport

2.) Dart Rail System
Construction of the train control, central control, and communications systems
Kiewit's DFW Branch: Two Main Projects
Seek challenging assignments
Develop negotiating skills
Network within the company
Handles public relations for 2 projects
Allocates tasks between team
Focus on relationship-oriented issues
Serve As a Mentor For Female Employees
Discrimination Against Female Employees
Most trying time the branch has seen in 22 years
Little opportunity for advancement/promotion
Employees worry about being laid off or given unwanted opportunities
Long, difficult hours
Motivational Techniques
Burn Out
Low Morale

Lack of Task Prioritization
The Problem
The Main Problem:
Employee Turnover
Why can't they achieve their full potential?
We believe that there are three main issues
Female employees are experiencing gender discrimination
Employees are burned out with low morale
Employees are not prioritizing tasks
The team is told the priority level of their tasks, yet they fail to complete the tasks in the appropriate order
Important projects are not getting done, menial ones are
The root of the problem: motivation
So what will we do about these problems?
Encourage them to:
Option 1: External approach
Monetary bonuses, time off, tangible luxuries
Option 2: Internal approach
Help employees see the intrinsic benefits of working hard to perform for the company
Possible Solutions
Implementing Solutions
Clarify company goals and where team members fit in to these goals
Stimulate a culture of change from the bottom, up
Involve team members in decision making and problem solving
Demonstrate changes to the norm (practice what you preach)
Provide valuable feedback
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