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leo gallio

No description

terza c

on 5 March 2016

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Transcript of leo gallio

Il movimento New Dada in america riprende , in parte negli anni 50 , l'atteggiamento mentale del Dada :
rifiuto del concetto e della volontà di produzione dell'opera d'arte tradizzionale;
elevazione a valore estetico e artistico di oggetti trovati , dando così una storia ad oggetti d'uso comune
Il dadaismo o Dada è una movimento culturale nato a Zurigo e sviluppatasi nel 1916 e il 1920.
Il movimento , che ha interessato soprattutto le arti visive , la letteratura , il teatro e la grafica , incarnava la sua politica antibellica attraverso un rifiuto degli standard artistici, come dimostra il nome dada che non ha un vero e proprio significato, tramite opere culturali che erano contro l'asse stessa.
Pop Art
Marilyn, 1964, Andy Warhol
New Dada
museum of moder art
Marcel Duchamp
Movimento artistico nato tra l'Europa e l'America negli anni Cinquanta e Sessanta del 20° secolo. Attraverso la scelta del termine pop la p.a. vuole identificare un'arte che parla un linguaggio che tutti conoscono: quello dei mass media, della pubblicità, della televisione e del cinema. Entrando in gara con il linguaggio aggressivo e impersonale dei mass media, la p.a. sperimenta tecniche inedite, si serve di fotografie ritoccate, di collage e assemblages, di sculture in gesso
per denunciare lo smarrimento dell'uomo di fronte a una civiltà che impone desideri sempre nuovi e sogni sempre più amplificati.
Andy Warhol
jar of soup Campbel
The pop art was born in England ,it spread to the united States in the early 60s.
Pop Art reproducing objects and images of the new society of consumption in the west
Graffiti art is a movement that can be traced back to New York in the 1970’s. It was named after the spray-can vandalism common in most cities in the world but most associated with the New York subway system.
The purpose of graffiti art is self-expression and creativity, and can involve highly stylised letter forms drawn with markers, or cryptic and colourful spray paint murals on walls, buildings, and even freight trains. Graffiti artists strive to improve their art, which is constantly changing and progressing.
Graffiti Art
Keith Haring
Artist Keith Haring was born on may 4 1958, in reading, Pennsylvania, he moved to new York City in 1978 and began using the city as his canvas, making chalk drawings in subway stations. His art was eventually seen everywhere from public murales and nightclubs to galleries and museums around the word. He was also known for his activism in promoting AIDS awareness. He died of AIDS related complications on February 16 1990 ar age 31
in rich in 1916 , after the end of the War . it had important offices in New York , Berlin and Paris, which broke up in 1922. the young painters who , in the troubled period of the war , looking for a new way to express the rejection of any value and model of the traditional culture , are characterized by the ' artistic independence and commitment to radically change the mental approach to the artistic object .
the dada moviment as born
The New Dada is an artistic movement that incorporates the themes and styles Dadaists . It is characterized by the use of modern materials , from subjects of the popular imagination and absurd contrasts . Also openly it denies the traditional concepts of aesthetics . The term was popularized by Barbara Rose in the sixties and refers mainly , though not exclusively , to a group of works created in those years.
New Dada
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