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Argumentative Essays

No description

amy lee

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of Argumentative Essays

Argumentative/Persuasive Essays to persuade or convince the reader that
the position the writer takes is correct What is the purpose of an
argumentative/persuasive essay? Your essay should be based on a position statement in which you tell your view on the topic at hand, Position Statements Your position statement
should be debatable. Which one is debatable? A good education is necessary for
a successful and happy life. OR Plants produce oxygen that
the world needs to sustain life. Write your own debatable statement about Facebook. Your job is to convince your readers of the truth of your argument. Providing Support for
Position Statements To do that you must provide supporting statements for your position statement. facts examples statistics textual evidence personal experiences Connectives "connect" your ideas.
Examples include: Connectives Firstly In addition Furthermore Secondly Counterargument Showing You Are
Aware of Both Sides Since convincing the reader is the primary purpose you must think about your audience. In your writing, you should consider the other side but show how your position is still correct. For example, "It could be argued that computers create unemployment; however, computers actually create many new forms of employment that never existed before." Introduction has three main parts Introduction 1. Hooks the reader.
2. Introduces the topic
3. CLEARLY state position on topic Closes the essay and closes the issue Conclusion Three parts to an argumentative/persuasive essay: 1. References hook
2. Presents one or two general sentences which summarize your arguments that support the topic position statement
3. Restates the position statement in a call to action Body Present counterargument(s) Present argument and supporting evidence Each supporting statement should be a paragraph that is supported with...
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