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Sharing Workshop

Prezi for a workshop looking at the reasons people choose to share injecting equipment. To be presented at the National Conference on Injecting Drug Use 2010

Nigel Brunsdon

on 1 December 2010

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Transcript of Sharing Workshop

Sharing Workshop Have you shared in the last weeks? 4 No NCIDU 10 Does 'sharing' mean the same
thing to everyone? What Why How do people share Needle and syringe sharing has declined in recent years
with around a fifth of injecting drug users continuing to
share. The sharing of other injecting equipment is more common. HPA 'Shooting up' report
2009 do people share? Because our mother told us we
'should share' in most aspects of life normal Because sharing
is Love Trust Money Social Friends Pressure Pressue Love Trust Money Social Lover/Partner Love Pressure Family Money Trust Strangers Pressure Social Money Social Money Trust It's expected Dealers Pressure Desperation Threats It's normal in the family Threats Control What happens when
the relationship ends... prison divorce and people don't know how to inject? overdose hospital separation separation can we reduce
the risks of sharing? Make sure all equipment
used is new Don't use terms like clean Clean may mean different
things to different people. Non-restrictive policies NICE NSP guidance ACMD HepC guidance NNEF&UKHRA best practice WHO guide to setting up NSP ... that encourage peer distribuition NSP 'Client' Peer Peer Peer Peer how Give advice on to share Encourage return of
used equipment contingency
management community bins needle amnesty client engagement Talk to people 'Have you shared in the
last 4 weeks? When was the last
time you reused Sharing is a much larger issue than 'Have you shared in the
last 4 weeks?' Rapid access to substitute prescribing or rehab for people whose injecting
partners leave or are sent to
prison Washing hands
before and after
injecting others “While access to injecting equipment was reportedly good, needle and syringe sharing continued in exceptional circumstances and in the context of 'trust relationships." Rhodes T.; Davis M.; Judd A. 2004.
Hepatitis C and its risk management
among drug injectors in London Protective factors There are always reasons
people DON'T share, we
need to foster these Don't be judgemental Many people are afraid
to mention the risks they
take because of the reactions
they think they'll get ... needle sharing is not
the norm and that in the
absence of constraints on
decision making users are
unlikely to share. Kelaher M and Ross W (1999), “Dominant Situational Determinants of Needle Sharing in Injecting Drug Users” Fear Keep surfaces clear to avoid accidental sharing
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