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Copy of Magazine Advertisement Proposal;

No description

Alee Malick

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Magazine Advertisement Proposal;

Thank You
Apr 1998 Beginning of Express Bus Service from
Lahore ~ Rawalpindi / Islamabad via Motorway

Oct 2005 Starting of “Hamari Manzilen”

Year 2012 Providing Service from 46 Terminals with 294 Buse in Pakistan Three Major Provinces `Punjab, Sindh and NWFP Company Introduction … It is a monthly Magazine with a readership of 80-90%.
Definite exposure to over 750,000 people all across Pakistan.
Advertisement exposure to A+ , A and B+ class category Nationwide.
Circulation in 3 major provinces Punjab, Sindh & KPK 24/7 & 365 days a year.
Advertisement exposure to over 25,000 people on daily basis throughout the whole month.
Specific Target Market.
Target Market is Straight Buyer. Advantages of advertising in Hamari Manzilen Magazine Name Hamari Manzilen
Publishing Since October 2005
Publication 10,000 copies monthly
Circulation Punjab, Sindh & K.P.K
Placement Inside Daewoo Express Buses Back Seat Cover
Placement Area In front pouch, behind every seat
No of copies in every Bus 20-25 Copies
Avg. Passenger Occupancy Rate 80% Hamari Manzilen Magazine State of the Art Terminal Infrastructure Hamari Manzilen Magazine
Hamari Manzilen Advertisement
Proposal Note: Rates are negotiable.
55,000/monthly Final
70,000/monthly Final
Inside front / back Page
80,000/monthly Final
Back Page
FINAL Flat Rate
Ad position
Full page ordinary
40,000/monthly Final Tariff for Advertisement
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