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The Life of Ernest Hemingway


Martha Smith

on 1 April 2010

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Transcript of The Life of Ernest Hemingway

The Life of
Ernest Hemingway The Early Years Ernest Miller Hemingway was born on July 21, 1899 in Oak Park, Illinois.
During his early years, Hemingway spent much of the summer months on the shores of Walloon Lake in Michigan, he was able to explore the land. Hunting and fishing remained two of Hemingway’s favorite pastimes throughout his life.
In high school Hemingway played many sports, and excelled academically. He showed a particular talent for writing.
After high school, his first job was as a cub reporter for the Kansas City Star. The paper’s style guide influenced him to adopt the short, declarative statements in his writing that later became a hallmark of his work.
How did Hemingway's Lifestyle
Effect his Writing? Most of his stories were inspired by his own personal experiences and travels.
His characters often resembled himself.
Wife #1: Hadley Richardson
The Chicago Years Hemingway first met Hadley at a party in Chicago- he had heard her play at a piano recital many years before.
They instantly hit it off and both had a love of art, literature and music. Of his four wives, Hadley is considered to be Hemingway's one true love.
They were married on September 3, 1921.
In 1922, the Hemingways moved to Paris. Ernest was working at the Toronto Star at this point which gave them the opportunity to travel around Europe.
In 1923, Richardson gave birth to Hemingway's oldest son, John
They lived happily together until Pauline Pfeiffer came into their lives.
Wife #2: Pauline Pfeiffer
The Paris and Key West Years She was a journalist, working in as the assistant to the editor of French Vogue during the 1920's in Paris.
Pauline was an educated woman. She had previously attended the university of Missouri and had worked at the Cleveland Star.
After becoming aquainted with Hemingway, Hadley, Heminway, Virginia and herself were often seen together, taking ski trips and attending parties in Paris.
Although Hadley still considered Pauline a friend, she knew that Pauline was secretly stealing her husband.
Finally in 1926, Hemingway moved in with Pauline after many heated arguments with Hadley.
The two were married a mere four months after the divorce.
They had two sons together, Gregory and Patrick. In 1928, during her first pregnancy, they decided to move back to the U.S. and decided that Key West would be a good place to settle down.

Wife #3: Martha Gelhorn
The Cuba Years Hemingway first introduced himself to Martha while at Sloppy Joe's in Key West in 1936.
Martha Gelhorn was a very sucessful writer and journalist. she is considered to be one of the greatest war correspondants of the 20th century.
At this point, Ernest and Pauline were living in Key West. After Martha's family left, she was invited to stay at Hemingway's house.
Once Martha left Key West, Hemingway left soon after. They finally caught up with each other in New York and later decided to travel to Spain together to cover the Civil War.
In 1940, Pauline and Ernest finally decided to get a divorce.
Martha Gelhorn and Ernest Hemingway were married 16 days after the divorce was made final.
Soon, they purchased a house in Cuba which became their permanent residence.

Wife #4: Mary Welsh
The Idaho Years Mary Welsh was also a journalist from Minnesota. She had attended university at Northwestern.
Mary had been a fan of Hemingway for years and couldn't resist going to visit him in London in the hospital when he had been injured in a car crash.
By this point, his marriage with Martha was on the rocks, the most likely cause being professional rivalry.
Mary turned out to be an ideal companion for Hemingway. Unlike Martha, she was willing to be second to Hemingway.
Inevitably, in 1945, Martha and Hemingway were divorced. Four months later, he was married to Mary Welsh.
Their marriage lasted for 17 years until Hemingway committed suicide in 1961
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