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Google Glass

Athens University of Economics and Business, English V

Eriola Maria Zotos

on 27 November 2013

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Transcript of Google Glass

Athens University of Economics and Business
Department of Business Administration
English V (MISC154)
Professor: Irini Hioti Leskovits

Presented by: Erjola Zotos & Pantelis Kefis
Date: 27 November 2013
... and its uses
Google Glass Outline
I. Intoduction
II. Main Body
A. Google Glass' uses
B. Future Improvements
III. Conclusion
IV. Bibliography
A. What is Google Glass?
B. How does it work?
1. Technical Specifications
What is Google Glass?
a wearable computer
uses optical head-mounted display (OHMD)
displays information in a Smartphone-like hands-free format
communicates with the Internet via voice commands, taps & gestures
Science Fiction
A. Product Concerns
1. Privacy Concerns
2. Legal Concerns
3. Safety Concerns
How Does it work?
Technical Specifications
25 inch high definition screen
Photos - 5MP
Videos - 720p
12 GB usable memory
Battery life - 1 day of typical use
Google Glass Uses
Future Improvements
Develop Frames and Lenses that match the wearer’s prescription
Face Recognition
Develop eye commands
Helping disabled people
And more and more apps to come....
Product Concerns
Privacy Concerns
Taking pictures & Recording people without their permission
Identify strangers using face recognition
Record & broadcast private conversations
Legal Concerns
Prohibited use of spy gadgets ( Russia, Ukraine etc)
Against common gaming regulations (ex. Las Vegas casinos)
Safety Concerns
Distraction of vision
careless Driving
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Have a Question?
Ok Glass...
Say ''Thank you in Greek''

Ευχαριστούμε Πολύ!
1. Make easier plenty of tasks
(cooking, running etc.)
2. Take a picture
3. Record a video
4.Share what you see
5. Navigation (GPS)
6. Translate on the spot
8. Using in surgery
7. Your info butler
...But how it feels?
Wearable Technology:
here to stay or passing fad
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