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Brave New World&1984& The Island


Liheng Jin

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Brave New World&1984& The Island

The Island that's Brave and New in 1984 Theme Under the control of an all-powerful state, people live a life without any freedom and the concept of individuality disappears. Control of learning Control of emotions Control of relationships change history
control language Brainwash/provide low education 1984:
-rewritten to suit the Party
“History is bunk.”
Bibles and Shakespeare are banned.
The island:
-imprint memories of a fake childhood 1984:
The creation of Newspeak.
Brave New World:
John's experience with Shakespeare widens his ability to verbalize
thought. The Island:
-don't understand slang
Spies and Youth League
“Nearly all children nowadays were horrible”
Brave New World:
Hypnopaedia Slogans
The Island:
“In a very real sense...they're like children. Educated to the level of a 15-year-old.” Love&Sex Family relationship 1984:
-no permission of marriage to loving couples
-campaigns against sex BNW :
- is a virtue. The Island:
“There's no law against friendship. But, obviously, proximity could become a concern.” 1984:
-family relationships are skewed because of Party's influence
Brave New World:
"Mother", "father" and “home” are obscene words. The Island:
Since everyone is clone, the concept of family does not exist. BNW:
Hypnopaedia-"everybody’s happy now."
-soma. The Island:
“Everything we expose them to, their programs, their cartoons, books, the games they play, are designed to manage aggression.”
-only love Big Brother Setting 1984:
-separated society
-the Party BNW:
-separted society
-civilized London
The Island:
-everything is clean
-underground bunker Characters symbols Tone Plot Related to present
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