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Monkey's Paw Vocabulary

No description

Melanie Neubaum

on 23 May 2011

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Transcript of Monkey's Paw Vocabulary

"Monkey's Paw"
Vocabulary preoccupied Example: Though I was in class, I was preoccupied with my plans for the weekend. Definition = completely absorbed in something else presumptuous Example : The boy was presumptuous to think that he could date any girl in the school. Definition : overly confident Inaudible Example: Several of your speeches were inaudible and your classmates didn't understand your main points. Definition : too quiet to hear Amiably Example : Sometimes students get in trouble even when joking amiably with their friends. Definition : good naturedly; agreeably Credulity example: The cheerleader was often made fun of for her credulity Definition: willingness to trust too easily; gullibility Apathy Example : I have complete apathy when it comes to choosing a place for dinner, because I like most food. Definition : no strong emotion; lack of concern Condoling Example: She offered a condoling hug to her friend whose dog had just died. Definition: sympathetic Persisted Example: He persisted in asking for an extension, although I refused to give in. Definition : to continue with a purpose or action, especially in spite of resistance reverberated Example : Her singing reverberated through the house. Defintion: to echo back Dubiously Example : I eyed the student dubiously when he said his homework was completed, but at home. Definition : doubtfully Haste Example : His haste was so great he forgot to put on shoes. Definition: great speed, ususally when there is limited time. Torrent example: The torrent of rain completely soaked the baseball field. definition: quick, violent flood or rush of liquid. virtues example: My grandfather's virtues include honesty and reliability. definition : good qualities talisman example : People often believe that rabbit feet or four leaf clovers are talisman. definition : something believed to have magical powers.
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