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Feldman's Approach Practice

Sec 1 AEP Term 2 Week 5 Thursday

Chong Chia Hwei

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of Feldman's Approach Practice

Previously! "Feldman's Ice Cream"
- Practice on the Feldman's Approach Today... A Help Sheet with Guiding Questions
A Practice that we will
go through in class Feldman's Approach: A Help Sheet DESCRIBE ANALYZE INTERPRET EVALUATE These categories are not rigid and they do overlap They should only be used as helpful guides and prompters to responding to artworks, rather than strict rules to adhere to However! Using the guiding questions on the help sheet, answer the two questions PRACTICE 5 minute break! Let's go through our answers... Describe the subject matter of this artwork. This is a painting of a still life set up, with various fruits and a skull, set on a table. There is a white cloth placed in a crumpled manner on the left side of the table. There are also what seems to be plants with long leaves in the background. The colours used in this painting are mostly dull, as seen in the earthy brown used to paint the skull, the table, and the top right hand corner of the background. The leaves of the plants in the background are also a dull greenish-black. Only the fruits are painted brightly, with red and yellow tones, as well as green on the fruits at the extreme right. The objects in this painting are depicted realistically, as the shapes and forms used for the fruits, skull, and plants are recognizable as such. Analyze the artwork's colour, shapes, and use of emphasis. Colour The dull colours used convey a subdued mood. Despite this, there is contrast between the darker colours of the background and the brighter, lighter colours of the skull, cloth, fruits and table in the foreground, which makes it stand out. Shapes The shapes in this painting are all natural and organic, except for the geometric rectangular table. The circular shape of the fruits echo the circular shape of the skull. The shapes of the leaves in the background are long, thin and curved, providing contrast with the round, full shapes of the skull and fruits. Emphasis As there is only one skull in the painting, emphasis is immediately placed on it. It is also emphasized through its size which is larger than the other objects on the table. Furthermore, the contrasting dark background directly behind the light brown skull creates further emphasis. Overall Analysis I think that Cezanne uses the contrasting dark and bright colours to emphasize on the skull, which is the most important aspect of the artwork. There is a harmonious composition as there is a repetition of the circular forms in the skull and fruits. How to: view a Prezi For your revision! There will be a quiz game next Tuesday to help you consolidate your knowledge, so go through the
Prezis! Other useful handouts for revision PowerPoints on LMS
EoA and PoD handout
Summary sheet for all art movements Next Week! Other than the quiz game,
an introduction to the Drawing & Painting Paper HAND IN YOUR SELF-PORTRAITS Compare!
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