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No description

James Carlson

on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of Sproutr

Who is here?
Role: Development

Time: Sensial Ventures is the primary focus, work on projects of which Sproutr could become one; can we integrate this into what our team is already doing?

Great idea, need to know what to do next.

Matt's Team:
Lee: Here to learn and sit in (set up the server over the weekend, here to find out more about the project.)

Jared: Business development / model focus; built analytics software [day job] built as sep.company under the parent.
Weekend: Rush to take an idea in a weekend to a win
Can contribute in many ways but want to see what are the gaps
Where am I needed?
Spectacular experience; first foray into startups in MKE!

Lots of discretionary time between gigs. Able to contribute more time. Might need to taper off when next steps get taken.
The experience was very valuable. Going through MBA program at Loyola, applicable tomy learning in school, which is cool. Liased between tech and business for the idea. Falls in line with other projects as IT leader. Availability limited while in school and working full time.

Do want to see this come full cycle and be built out. Willing to devote time, in Chicago. Able to connect remotely but could work with community in Chicago.
Great time at startupweekend, helped me -- in process of looking to start own business, helpful to learn. Chicago native. Moving to Melbourne in a couple weeks! Will return in a year (1.5 yrs)
Excited about idea
Background in education
Led school team
See implementation path
Unsure of time commitment, but 10-15 hours a week
Alternate time sleep / work schedule
How does the team see best role for me?
Work 9-5 job
Willing to commit outside time
Excited about idea
Didn't know what to expect from the weekend, fell into it and it exceed my expectations. Picked the perfect group.
Loved the experience and love to win
Serial soulepreneur
Generalist for the group
Design -> Dialogue -> Coaching -> Biz Dev
Flex schedule
Remote work comfort
What does the team see best utilization?
Love project!
Trans-industry deployments
Had a great time working with everyone
Not sure where I fit in with what I can do
Disaster Averter
Analytical thinking
Amazing experience! Almost didn't go.
Idea Generation
Volunteer Engagement
Pitched the idea to make job easier and improve lives of kids. Want to see it go big. Fits in with broader life alignment.
Youth network
20-25 hrs / week
Incredible weekend, lots of fun-- didn't know what to expect, enjoyed working together

Time: Looking for something flexible; development
Are there customers?
Building functionality
Building design
Biz Dev
Build the
Marketing / Sales plan / Strategy
Communications channel
Everyone being bought in
Always Be Updating
1 month after now is when work availability starts
What's the container?
What do you want to get out of it?
Help build it
Share guidance where needed
Not expecting a job
If a job emerges, great!
Partnership alignment with Compassionate City
Could model be extended later to other industries?
Not expecting a job
Would like to be involved if a need
Would like to remain involved
Once it's a company, don't have personal time to do it in free time; whatever business entity is formed would have to retain / approach the team to see what the team might bring

Building the business
Here's the app
There is no me!
Want to build it
Has to be big
Want to get something big out
Want to be involved in get off the ground work--work to optimize things
No job needed, if job evolves it would be interesting
Near term need; financial security
Would love to quit my job and do full time, but need to pay for grad school
Want to help out in free time but also know that not going to be building anything bad target market
Grow product into other markets, once it's ready
ready to say: I was a part of SWMKE, come back in six months and we'll see what I can do!

This can be big, I can be part if it's that; need to start small and local; has scalability. Want to get more learning from everyone while traveling. Want to keep contributing. Dream is it's a profitable company and when I return, help spread to schools and businesses
Want to make a difference
Turn volunteer opportunities into something bigger and better
A better way of making a living
Something I do for the greater good
Regardless of scale
Want to lead it!
Been doing this work for years
Non-profit related to this already established
Sproutr takes that existing work to the next level
MKE as testing ground, Sproutr as vehicle for other geo regions
Build from local to expansion
The idea was validated

6 months
near term steps:
endorsements / recommendations
follow up communications re role invitations
Legal help at 1/2 price
Upscalability Tool
Some cloud stuff from amazon
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