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Journey to Excellence

Understanding the Resident Educator Process

Janine Dent

on 28 January 2014

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Transcript of Journey to Excellence

"How can I be a better educator tomorrow than I am today?"
Ohio Resident Educator Program
What is Formative Assessment?
Final Steps - Year 4
Years 1 & 2
Participate in professional development and leadership roles
Formative Assessment
Monitor and Document Progress
Formative assessment includes an ongoing cycle of data collection and feedback.
Resident Educator Self-Assessment
Assessment of Student Learning
Instructional Planning
Monitor and Document RE Progress
Conducted by:
Setting Goals
3 Goals in Year 1
3 Additional Goals in Year 2
Years 3 & 4
Summative Assessment
Final Steps

Summative Assessments - Year 3
Plan and implement rigorous instruction
Conduct deeper analysis of student performance
Analyze RE evidence documents from years 1-3
Prepare for RESA:
Analyze - impact of teacher performance on student learning Connect - lesson design, delivery, and student learning
Write - teacher reflections
Upon successful passing of the RESA, apply for the 5-year professional license
Ohio Resident Educator Program
Is a self-reflective process that intends to promote student attainment.
During YEAR 1, the Resident Educator will:

Communicate with mentor and principal

Use formative assessment activities to collect evidence and advance practice

Use the state-designed formative assessment tools (e.g., goal setting, self-assessment)

Document instructional meetings with mentor using the Collaborative Log

Complete End-of-Year Formative Progress Review

Maintain a collection of evidence and documents, a repertoire of practices, to inform summative assessment
During YEAR 2, the Resident Educator will:

Continue to improve their practice through study and performance of the teaching learning cycle as it relates to the Year 2 Timeline of Best Practices.

Complete the curriculum outlined on the Year 2 Best Practices Timeline

Utilize differentiated support and resources to move toward meeting goals and understanding the complexity of teaching at a deeper level
Complete Year 2 Formative Progress Review
Resident Educator: Year 2
Resident Educator: Year 1
During YEARS 3-4 of the Resident Educator Program, the Resident Educator will

Prepare for summative assessment
Year 3/4
Successfully complete summative assessment
Resident Educator: Years 3-4

Years 3/4
Successfully complete summative assessment
Year 4
Participate in professional development and leadership roles
Re-take any deficient portions of summative assessment
Complete Resident Educator program requirements then apply for the 5-year professional license which includes securing the signatures of the mentor and superintendent or designee
Resident Educator: Years 3-4
developed in collaboration with mentor and principal
Is a four-year program of formative assessment and mentoring support that will culminate in the completion of a statewide summative, performance-based assessment.

Resident Educator Program:
* Ohio Standards for the Teaching Profession
* Ohio Continuum of Teacher Development

Ohio's RE program is unique to Ohio, but similar to what you will experience as you prepare for EdTPA within your program.

To provide support for the RE program, the Principal will:

Understand the philosophy, curriculum and requirements of the Resident Educator Program

Continue to create a learning environment in which Resident education can thrive

Work with program coordinators to plan the program and select and assign mentors

Ensure mentors attend state required training

Provide time for mentor-Resident Educator collaboration

Provide opportunities for observations, including reciprocal observations and observations of exemplary teachers

To provide support for the RE program, the mentor will:

Attend all required training to obtain certification

Communicate with the Resident Educator, program coordinator and principal

Respect the confidential relationship with the Resident Educator and principal

Support the Resident Educator through the use of formative assessment processes, protocols and tools

Collaborate with the program coordinator to complete end-of-year Formative Progress Review
In the first year, Resident Educators are introduced to the life of teaching. The Resident Educator Program provides instructional one-to-one mentoring, as well as the emotional support needed to accelerate the professional growth of Resident Educators.
Year 1
As Resident Educators move into the second year of teaching they begin to identify with the life of teaching. Differentiated support is provided in the form of flexible mentor models including one-to-one mentoring, co-teaching, and collaborative cohorts. These models create an environment of inquiry which provides avenues for Resident Educators to shift their thinking from routine processes of examination to in-depth concepts of analysis.
Year 2
Resident Educators now have a deepened understanding of teaching and learning as a reciprocal, collaborative, and ongoing journey. There is a transformation in the Resident Educators as they now embrace and accept the challenges and responsibilities of teacher leadership within and beyond the Resident Educator Program.
Year 4
The Resident Educators are now inducted into the full life of teaching. Through reflective practice they more fully realize the complexities of the profession. In year 3 Resident Educators have a deeper understanding of teaching and learning and are preparing to demonstrate their professional growth through the performance-based summative assessment.
Year 3
RESA - Resident Educator Summative Assessment - could be completed in 3rd year of the RE program.
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